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How can Natalie Sisson help you grow your location independent business (so it earns you enough money to travel)?

Is it possible that having constraints can create more freedom?

Tune in today as my favorite Kiwi and Freedomist, Natalie Sisson returns to give you 5 tips to create location independent income. Check out her new book, The Freedom Plan and access her free course to "Learn How to Build Your Online Business so You Can Work Less, Earn Multiple Revenue Streams and Live Your Dream Lifestyle."

These tips will help you think about how you can design your life and your business into something that works with your travel lifestyle (or the travel lifestyle you want).

Learn how you can be a digital nomad and live on the road or have a home base and travel whenever you want.

You'll Learn:

  • How to create your perfect day.
  • Why it can actually be cheaper to travel full time.
  • One way to monetize your knowledge.
  • A really good strategy to automate your business.
  • Ways to save you time and help you make money.
  • Why freedom is always about choice.
  • And so much more!


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What is one place you're dying to visit where you've never been?

Today you are in for another coffee chat with a lovely guest- my wife Anne Dorthe! You'll hear us break down the top 10 places we’re dying to visit.

You'll hear 5 different categories: beach spot, mountain spot, amazing city, spiritual site, and historical site.

Hopefully, you get a few new destinations on your radar or get some ideas for your next trip.

What are you going to put on your list?

Tune in to get your travel juices flowing and fuel your wanderlust.


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Have you heard of the Tiny House Movement?

What do tiny houses have to do with travel?

Tune in today to see how many tactics and tips from the tiny house movement can help you travel the world. You are going to get 7 powerful lessons in today’s show.

Please welcome back Ethan Waldman for his third appearance on the show. He is the host of the Tinyhouse Lifestyle Podcast and founder of The Tiny House where you can learn about all things tiny house related.

You'll Learn:

  • How to keep yourself excited about a project.
  • One of the biggest lessons from traveling.
  • A life hack that forces you to make bigger decisions.
  • How to free up your time to travel and do more.
  • Why it's a good idea to DIY (do it yourself).
  • How to know when your soul is speaking to you.
  • One interesting thing that can lead to huge lifestyle changes.
  • And so much more.


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Want to hear how Tim Wendelboe blended his passion with travel?

Travel can of course lead to the discovery of new passions and new pursuits. But for others, it’s their passions that lead to them to a life of travel. What will it be for you?

Today you'll hear from one of the world’s best coffee barista’s, Tim Wendelboe. Tim is a well known and highly respected coffee expert – he’s won many prestigious awards in the coffee world.....including World Barista Champion in 2004, World Cup Tasting Champion in 2005, and winner of the Nordic Roasting Title 3 years running.

If you are ever in Oslo, Norway, you have to pay a visit to his espresso bar.

Tune In To Learn:

  • How your passion can inspire others.
  • Where to have one of the best coffee experiences.
  • The best way to find awesome local food and drink.
  • The biggest coffee consumer in Norway.
  • Advice to have less stress at your current job.
  • How to be rewarded for your hard work.
  • How you can truly help coffee farmers.
  • Ways to create a community in your workplace.
  • And so much more!


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Where do you see the future of the digital nomad movement?

How can you break free and travel more?

Tune in today for a mix of topics as Sondre Rasch, founder and CEO of SafetyWing stops by to share his story and insights.

You'll hear all about:

  • Cultural frameworks and how they create your reality.
  • What it's like to step outside of your framework (and how that can change you as a person living in another country).
  • If you want to be a digital nomad, does it make sense to go into the start up word?
  • Could an online country exist?
  • Two things that make it easier to travel and work from anywhere.
  • What it's like living in Silicon Valley as a Norwegian.
  • How to manage the start up world as a digital nomad (and not create a desk job for yourself).
  • And so much more.


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