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Have you ever wondered how to campervan in New Zealand?

You are in for a real treat today as my guests share their experience camper-vanning around New Zealand.

Please welcome Heath and Alyssa Padgett to the show.  They spent the first year of their marriage visiting all 50 United States in an RV and after that decided to just keep traveling. They've been on the road for over 4 years and share tons of valuable information via, The RV Entrepreneur Podcast, and Alyssa's new book, A Beginner's Guide to Living in an RV.

You could learn a thing or two from these awesome folks as they share how to travel the world on 4 wheels.

And Today You'll Hear All About:

  • Resources and apps to find the best places to sleep for free.
  • Tips on where to travel in New Zealand.
  • How to get good wi-fi.
  • What makes traveling around New Zealand such a unique experience.
  • Should you buy or rent your campervan.
  • And so much more.

This episode is jammed packed with goodies as we wrap up 4 wheel wandering month.


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Have you ever had therapy in a campervan?

How can you combine your passion with travel?

Well a school teacher and psychotherapist from the UK, Joe Kingly, is doing just that. He is helping people who are maybe going through a hard time (from his campervan!). He has a profession and passion for helping others through Human givens.

Stop by his campervan to connect.

You'll hear an awesome new twist to van life as 4 wheel wandering month continues.

And maybe it will spark an idea for you!

Open Up To Learn:

  • How to rethink the way you are going to live.
  • Ways to be your own teacher.
  • Benefits of offering therapy from your van.
  • How to attract people to connect with.
  • How to create deeper connections with travelers.
  • Why time constraints can be used to your advantage.
  • And so much more.


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Do you think you can realize your lifelong travel dream in one day?

Why is it so much fun to sleep in a vehicle?

You are in for a real treat today as we continue 4 wheel wandering month.

Tune in to learn how my buddy Trav was able to take advantage of an opportunity when it presented itself (to make his lifelong travel dream happen!). Be open to spontaneity and you'll be amazed what can happen.

Plus, cruise the open road with Old Bessie to hear all about road tripping in a van.

You'll Learn:

  • Ways to find true freedom.
  • What creates the best memories.
  • One tip to make travel dreams come true (in a short amount of time).
  • Where to find inspiration to make it happen.
  • How you can hack a travel dream.
  • The amazing benefits of sleeping in a van.
  • And so much more.


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Do you think you can travel for healing?

Have you ever used travel as a healing tool?

Today we are kicking off a new theme month as you'll hear all about wandering on wheels. The next 4 episodes coming up are dedicated to:

  • 4 wheel wandering.
  • Traveling in RV’s or Vans.
  • The #Vanlife world and what it's like to live that lifestyle.
  • Sleeping in your vehicle and traveling around on wheels.

My guest today has been living the #vanlife for 8 months now....but is life on the road all it’s cracked up to be?

Today you'll hear what the #vanlife is all about, learn what it's like to be a nomadic van dweller, and so much more!

Please welcome Jeff Chow to the show.

Tune In To Learn:

  • How to live the vanlife (and heal).
  • Why you need to realize challenging moments are temporary.
  • How you can have a mini-rebirth every time you interact with a new person.
  • The beauty of travel.
  • Strategies to get rid of all your stuff.
  • Advice around selecting your 4 wheel vehicle.
  • The best part of the vanlife experience.


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