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Want to learn how to take cheap Alaska cruises and experience the stunning nature of "The Last Frontier" without breaking your budget?

Listen in now to get the inside scoop on planning your own Alaskan cruise adventure.

Today You'll learn:

  • How budget travel brings you closer to a place
  • The best way to tour Scotland
  • How to take advantage of the Alaska ferry system
  • What kind of accommodations to expect on cheap Alaska cruises
  • What you can bring on an Alaskan cruise (you'll be surprised)
  • A traveler's best friend
  • How to get around each small town in Alaska
  • The overall cost of a cheap Alaskan adventure

The resources below provide a summary along with all of the links you need to get started today.

To get an overview of all transportation around Alaska, check out the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.

In Alaska, the locals get around by plane and ferry since there are very few highways.  You'll want to create your Alaskan dream cruise using The Alaska Marine Highway System.   This will take you to the same ports as the fancy cruise lines for 60-80% off (and when you get off at these ports, you'll be with locals and other budget travelers instead of thousands of people).

You'll want to explore three main coastal regions:

  • Southeast- The Inside Passage: Juneaus, Gold rush history, Glaciers, wildlife and whale watching
  • South Central- Gateway to Denali: Access to Denali, Glaciers, kayak/rafting, hiking, cycling, fishing, pioneer history, wildlife
  • Southwest- Kodiak and the Aleutian Chain: Russian and WWII history, birding, volcano, whale and bear viewing, Native culture

Once you've figured out where you are going and what you want to do, choose your sailing dates!  You only pay for what you use, so you can purchase individual legs of the trip meaning you can stay overnight in a port town and catch a later ferry.

The Alaska Marine Highway System makes it so easy to choose your route, decide on amenities, figure out what food to bring/purchase, where to stay (camp, cabin, or chair), and what entertainment to expect (mostly scenery and wildlife).  Check out the travel policies for specifics.

Here are some important things to consider when choosing your routes, your amenities, your vessels, and your disembarkation ports:

  • Pay attention to the time that the ship arrives in port as sometimes they land in the middle of the night.  Find out when the Sun will be coming up and maybe you'll want to disembark
  • Book early for cabins
  • Make sure the ship has the amenities you want
  • Most popular ports:  Juneau, Sitka, Skagway, Ketchikan, Whittier, Homer, Kodiak
  • Side trips can be arranged to view Grizzly Bears.  The best time is during the salmon running which begins in July
  • Bring lots of layers and a good hat and/or ear muffs (as it can be cold even in the summer)
  • Don't forget to pack binoculars
  • If you have a vehicle, you are usually only allowed to go to it once a day
  • Only go one way.  You will have seen enough nature and wildlife and don't need a round trip.

Ways to access the ferries:  fly into Seattle and take a train to Bellingham, Washington, start in Vancouver and take a train to Prince Rupert, or fly into Juneau for the Inside Passage area ferry.  If you want Alaska's heartland and Denali, you can fly into Fairbanks or Anchorage.  Same for getting out to the Aleutian Chain, or catch a plane to Kodiak.

Now go book your Alsakan adventure! What are you waiting for?

Additional resources:

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Would you like to go on some sacred rides?

And when is having no plan, the best plan?!

Tune in to hear about off the beaten track mountain biking spots around the world, social entrepreneurship, the value of becoming a ski bum (or just any kind of bum- bumming around doing something you love), and how that can actually turn (perhaps inadvertently) into a career.

My guest today is the founder of Sacred Rides mountain bike adventures which was ranked as the #1 mountain bike tour company on earth according to National Geographic adventure magazine. He also runs the nonprofit Bikes Without Borders and mentors social entrepreneurs who seek to change the world through business. Please welcome Mike Brcic to the show.

Hidden Paths and Sacred Rides with Mike Brcic

You'll Learn:

  • How being a terrible employee can actually help you
  • Why finding your own path is important for personal happiness
  • The essence of a lifestyle business
  • How to build a business around your passion
  • The most important quality for success
  • How Sacred Rides operates around the world (and helps locals)
  • Advice for people looking to start their own travel or adventure biz
  • How to set yourself up for travel and new adventures


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Wouldn't it be fun to take the World's longest honeymoon?

What is the easiest way to start doing more of what you love?

Tune in today for tons of travel goodies. My guests today left on their honeymoon in January 2012 and never went home! They are the authors of a new book published by National Geographic called Ultimate Journeys For Two: Extraordinary Adventures On Every Continent.

They are here to share their best adventure travel strategies, travel advice for two, their Top off the beaten path destinations, and so much more.  Check out their work at Honeytrek. Mike and Anne Howard – welcome to the zero to travel podcast my friends!

The World's Longest Honeymoon with Mike and Anne from Honeytrek

You'll Learn:

  • Advice for hopeful travel writers (to get publishing deals)
  • Why travel is a formative and educational experience
  • How to have the World's longest honeymoon
  • How to exit responsibly (for long term travel)
  • Why you should go on your honeymoon before you get married
  • How travel can enhance your relationship
  • Why it's awesome to mix and match travel styles
  • Advice for traveling couples
  • How to run a business with your spouse or significant other (and stay sane and happy)
  • The #1 key to long term travel


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Photos courtesy of @honeytrek

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Have you seen Mike Clarity around the world?

What does the evolution of YOU have to do with travel?

Tune in to find out how to evolve through travel.

Plus, you'll hear a wonderful conversation with a listener of the show; Mike Clarity.  Clarity walked away from a day job and a lifestyle that he felt was suffocating his spirit. He shares stories of life on the road, poetry, and all kinds of interesting travel anecdotes.

Learn about getting free through travel (and what that means), the distillation process that takes place while you are on the road, where growth occurs in travel, and just a ton more!

Tune In To Learn:

  • How to live more meaningful days
  • Ways to be inspired (instead of jealous)
  • How to reach out and capture data in your brain
  • A wonderful way to travel and connect with the community
  • How to feel richer in all aspects of your life
  • The hack to traveling on your terms
  • Ways to make money while on the road
  • How to find real wealth in travel


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How can you guarantee a high level of satisfaction around your next trip?

Tune in today to hear 3 strategies to make that satisfaction actually occur (on your next trip). Plus, you'll hear about travel flow and an in-person interview around coffee and travel.

Dillon Williams from the coffee and bicycle journey, the Homecoming Coffee Tour, stops by a Norwegian cafe to give his perspective on how to build a trip around something you love.

Perk up my friend!

You'll Learn:

  • Where the travel magic happens
  • What can fight against too much caffeine
  • Best ways to come up with great ideas for any business
  • Great piece of advice to make connections on the ground (wherever you go)
  • Lessons for your first bike tour
  • How to achieve greatness
  • What gives you an appreciation for home
  • The best resources for bike touring in Europe
  • What is included in a bicycle touring gourmet meal
  • Best thing to take the edge off loneliness (when on a solo trip)
  • And so much more!


Be sure to head over to the archives for more Zero To Travel Podcasts!

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