Zero To Travel Podcast

What should you do when you get sick of traveling?

Plus, what does it really take to go location independent?

You'll hear all kinds of location independent (LI) goodies today from newbie nomad Jeremy Enns. Jeremy recently quit his job to travel and run his business from the road. He's got tons of insights into the LI lifestyle; from seasonal work, house sitting, travel hacking, saving money, volunteering, bike touring, and more! Check out his work here!

Learn what it takes to go location independent and find out if all the effort is worth it.

Tune In To Learn:

  • An incredible way to get into traveling
  • How to get the mind clicking (for the LI lifestyle)
  • The first step to move in any kind of direction
  • How to achieve the "inevitability of success" attitude
  • Ways to overcome obstacles to location independence
  • How to take the seriousness out of growing a business
  • How to get a whole new view (of yourself and your business)
  • One of the best ways you can travel in the states
  • European bike tour recommendations
  • How a paper map can help you
  • And so much more!

Jeremy Enns- What It Takes To Go Location Independent


Jeremy Enns- What It Takes To Go Location Independent

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Have you ever experienced an overseas education?

Whether it is from unschooling, homeschooling, a classroom, an experience, or an encounter with a local, you never know what you can learn.

Today you'll hear 3 things I love about living in another you'll hear about long term life abroad, reverse culture shock, and a visa you’ve probably never heard about.

My guest today has been living abroad for 20 years and has been slow traveling with his family for the last 4 years. Check out his Epic Education Radio Podcast where you’ll hear experienced family travelers tell you in their own words how they approach parenting, money, education, accommodation, travel gear and more.

Please welcome Jason Jenkins to the show!

Resettling Abroad and Overseas Education


Listen Now To Learn:

  • How to learn about yourself in a whole new way
  • The advantages of learning a new language
  • Challenges of living abroad with children
  • How to deal with reverse culture shock
  • The benefits of asking for (and getting) remote work
  • Biggest piece of advice for homeschooling or unschooling
  • Some of the best online resources (to educate your kids on the road)
  • How to take the pressure off kids when living abroad
  • How to deal with health issues when overseas
  • The realities of the long term travel lifestyle
  • And so much more!


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Do you take your travel health seriously?

You might spend a lot of time pre-trip planning, but it’s easy to forget about the most important thing – your health.

Today you'll hear from a true expert on travel health- she’s a medical doctor and a representative of the CDC, Phyllis Kozarsky, M.D.

Travel Health: Everything You Need To Know Before You Go
Dr. Phyllis Kozarsky, M.D.

With threats like malaria and other mosquito borne disease, viruses, and everything that’s out there – as a traveler you need to be informed and prepared....

You can't let those health concerns scare you from traveling, but I strongly recommend you listen to what Dr. Kozarsky has to say. Set yourself up for a healthy trip, health on the road, and also coming home better than you ever felt before.

Today’s podcast could literally save your life!

Tune In To Learn:

  • Why thinking you are invincible can be dangerous
  • Ways to prepare before travel
  • How far in advance to get vaccinations
  • How to prevent malaria
  • Why you need to look at geography and season when planning travel
  • General costs to visit a travel clinic
  • How to handle antibiotics when traveling
  • The #1 cause of death for travelers (it's not what you think)
  • Why it's a good idea to see a travel health specialist
  • Tips for traveling with young children
  • What you need to know about the Zika virus (symptoms or not)
  • And much more


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Have you heard of "The Nordic Theory of Everything" by Anu Partanen?

What do you love about your home country?

And do you think it could be better?

Today you'll hear some interesting perspectives and ideas from a Finnish Journalist who, after moving to America in 2008, began to notice how much more complicated and stressful things seemed to be in the states compared to her home country of Finland.

Please welcome Anu Partanen to the show!

She wrote "The Nordic Theory of Everything – In Search Of A Better Life" and you should definitely pick it up! It shows how the Nordic way of doing things can generate more freedom for you to fulfill your desires, enjoy more travel, have better health, better education, and more opportunities.

Listen Now To Learn:

  • Why the USA is a great country
  • How health care works in Nordic countries (like Norway)
  • What you get for your taxes in Nordic countries
  • Ways to see your home country in a different light
  • What is the "Nordic Theory of Love"
  • Why big government could be holding the USA back
  • Ways to take stress out of everyday life
  • How to create a massive psychological shift in the states
  • How to create more freedom and sanity for all
  • And so much more!


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*Featured image taken by Trevor Corson

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