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What do you think about Solo Travel?
Why should you do it?
Why should you consider it?

I'll give you 3 reasons why I absolutely adore it!

Today you'll hear all about solo travel from my friend Henry. We met at a hostel in Istanbul, Turkey and decided to share our solo travel stories with you!

Plus, when arriving in a country for the first time, how do you get from the airport to your accommodations? Tune in to hear how to do it affordably, without hassle, and without a smart phone!

A Solo Travel Lovefest- Hanging with local Kurds with the best damn mustaches I've ever seen
Hanging with local Kurds with the best damn mustaches I've ever seen

Listen Now to Learn:

  • One thing that can make you fall in love with travel
  • How to feed your travel soul
  • Why you are never alone when you solo travel
  • One of the best ways to travel
  • How to realize that something is actually possible
  • How to gain confidence and trust in yourself
  • One of the best parts of traveling
  • Ways to save the most money while solo traveling
  • The magic of solo travel
  • And much more!
A Solo Travel Lovefest- mural of turkey
Mural of Turkey

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"In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself."
-Laurence Sterne

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What is something you can do to open up more travel and more adventure in your life?

You'll hear all about this today as well as the 3 biggest tips to succeed at creating a location independent business.

And who better to learn from than my friend Matt Giovanisci! He is a relentlessly creative Location Independent Entrepreneur, runs many online businesses, and he'll show you real-time experiments in making money online. Head over to Money Lab to check out his experiments and learn how you can start or grow your own LI business. It's a no hype, totally transparent, one of a kind experience that you are going to love!

Tune in to Learn:

  • The definition of a true friend
  • How to go after your Vision Quest
  • How to take your first step to relocate
  • A great way to learn about a new place
  • The difference between livers (not your organ) and growers
  • One way to help you change as a person
  • Why listening to Gloria Estefan will help you
  • How many years it will take for your online business to be successful
  • The reason most businesses fail
  • Why getting too much education can hurt you
  • How to create a new source of energy to keep your business going
  • And much more!


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Photo courtesy of @MattGiovanisci

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"Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource"
-Tony Robbins

What is the ultimate resource for extending your travels?

Today you'll hear all about about:

  • Utilizing your resources
  • Long term travel
  • The Best places in the World to work
  • The Location Independence scene
  • And much more!

And you get the privilege to learn from Stu Jones- a bloke from down under who has been traveling and living the location independent lifestyle for the last 18 years! He is the founder of Coworkation- running co-working trips to inspiring places around the world for current and budding location independent entrepreneurs.

Listen Now to Learn:

  • One of the most beautiful things about travel
  • How to make Location Independence sustainable
  • How to set up your Location Independent Lifestyle
  • What gives you an excuse to travel to a place you love
  • Why it's way less risky to bet on yourself
  • How to supercharge your business and work to the next level
  • The main benefits of the Location Independent Lifestyle
  • How to find out if the digital nomad lifestyle is for you


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What is the hardest part of long term travel?

You'll hear my thoughts on this and you'll hear what it's like to transition from a steady job to a life of travel.

Melinda DiOrio stops by to give us her insights on how she left her Corporate job to travel, learn yoga, and see the world. She is a travel photographer and certified yoga teacher committed to a life of exploration!

Check out her travel photography and yoga journey at Melinda DiOrio.

Melinda DiOrio

Listen Now To Learn:

  • How to go on a liberating journey
  • Ways to re-frame your lifestyle
  • How long it can really take to make the leap to travel
  • One thing that can help force change
  • Tips to get comfortable on facing the unknown
  • A strategy to overcome your fears
  • How to take advantage of abundance
  • How to design your own situation (your life!)
  • What truly makes you better at any craft
  • How to overcome challenges of a new phase of life
  • And much more!


Melinda DiOrio

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Photos courtesy of Melinda DiOrio

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