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Ready for more travel tips and advice?

It's time to get your most pressing travel questions answered in Part 4 of the Zero To Travel Podcast Listener Questions!

Have a travel question for the next episode? Want some travel strategies that could help you on your next travel adventure?

Please email me at or ask it on twitter @zerototravel

Tune in today to get insights on the following:

  • How to convince a partner to travel when they are afraid to go
  • What to pack for a round the world (RTW) trip with multiple climates
  • Should you travel with debt
  • And much more!


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How can you make your location dependent career (or job) location independent?

Plus, what is your favorite city activity?

In today's episode you'll get the answers to these questions plus get some insight on the following:

  • Are entrepreneurs born or bred?
  • Can anyone work for themselves?
  • How do you structure and pitch remote work agreements?
  • What is the value of not working while you travel?

And who better to give you these insights than my friend and Business Coach Emily Utter. She helps adventurous entrepreneurs get clarity around what type of business to run from the road. And then gives them an actionable plan to fuse that with the flexibility and freedom we need as travelers.  Check out Emily's work here.

Listen Now To Learn:

  • How to design your business to support your lifestyle
  • The very powerful first question to always ask (mindset advice)
  • How to find creative approaches to every business
  • Recommendations for aligning with your priorities
  • How to straddle travel and business in a healthy way
  • How to overcome the biggest struggle for entrepreneurs
  • How to get over the 'fraud syndrome' when becoming a coach
  • The first steps to take to become a coach
  • General rates for Business coaches
  • And much more!

Resources Mentioned:

For more Zero To Travel Podcasts, head over to the archives now!

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What is your latest travel related debate?

What is your favorite way to travel- slow or fast?

In today's episode, my buddy and biz partner Travis from The Extra Pack of Peanuts stops by for the Great Debate- slow travel vs fast travel.

In one corner, we have Jason with slow travel. In the other corner, we have Travis with fast travel. Ding Ding. The verbal beat-down is on!

Who will come out on top? Who will present the best argument?

You decide!

Listen Now To Learn:

  • Why the speed of travel is all relative
  • The top reason slow travel is the best
  • How to make fast travel less stressful
  • What forces you to get out and make the most of every day
  • The best ways to uncover hidden gems
  • The best way to get a sample of a city (to see if you want to come back!)
  • How to increase your buffer zone for things to happen
  • How to get that young vibrant travel attitude (back)
  • How to save money with either method
  • The key to making fast travel much more effective
  • How to be a winner either way
  • The beauty of the Location Independent lifestyle


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What do you do when you first get home after a long trip?

Plus, is travel really just an excuse to run away from your problems?

Brendan Leonard stops by to give his insights on these questions plus adventure travel for all levels, sobriety while traveling, and so much more!

Brendan shares humor, essays and stories of adventure on his website Semi-Rad and he is the author of several books including his new memoir about how he turned his life around and found redemption through climbing and world travel- Sixty Meters to Anywhere.

Listen Now To Learn:

  • The Big Bang Theory of Extreme Joy
  • How to re-invent yourself
  • How climbing can give you an identity
  • How to confront your true feelings (to figure out who you really are)
  • A great way of looking at the world
  • Advice to handle pressures of drinking
  • How years and years of hard work will pay off
  • How to go from semi-rad to totally rad
  • How to travel the western US on the cheap
  • And much more!


For more Zero To Travel Podcasts, head over to the archives now!

Photo credit: Semi-Rad

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