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Is travel insurance worth it?

Anything can happen anywhere at anytime....

Tune in today to hear how the unsexy topic of travel insurance can be fun, exciting, and even entertaining.

You'll hear from former reporter and current travel junkie Phil Sylvester. He's head of content at World Nomads- an online travel company that provides specialized travel insurance and travel safety services for independent, volunteer, and student travelers in more than 150 countries!

Get a FREE Travel Insurance quote from my favorite Travel Insurance company- World Nomads.

Welcome to Travel Insurance 101!!

Listen Now to Learn:

  • Why you should be a 'fan' of travel insurance
  • Who needs travel insurance and why
  • What things aren't covered
  • What's covered in regards to trip cancellation, trip interruption, and missed connections
  • What is covered in regards to property
  • Best practices for documenting what you have (to make claims easier)
  • What is covered for medical
  • What obscure adventure activities aren’t covered (World Nomads insurance covers over 200!)
  • Why it's a good idea to keep your insurance in your home country
  • The real reason you get travel insurance
  • How long before a trip you should buy insurance
  • And much more!


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What is the new American dream?

Is it to sell everything and hit the road for a life of full time travel?

Well tune in today to hear from Bryanna who's family has done just that! Her and her husband Craig sold their 3000sq ft house and pretty much everything in it- to travel the USA and live full time in an RV (with 4 kids and 2 dogs!).

You'll hear about the adjustments that had to be made and how they were able to create their new American dream.

Plus get a behind the curtain look at their RV life on the road at Crazy Family Adventure!

Listen Now To Learn:

  • How to truly downsize and change your life
  • The best way to determine if you can live in an RV full time
  • Why going public with your dreams will help make them happen
  • How to see that your new American dream is possible
  • How to deepen your family bond through travel
  • The challenges of moving from 3000sq ft to 400sq ft
  • How to afford the full time travel RV lifestyle
  • The benefits of radical unschooling
  • How to make good friends while on the road
  • How to feel like you are not totally crazy
  • And much more!


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Have you ever thought about living a nomad life?

What makes someone live a nomad life?

Today's guest shares with you his unique perspectives around travel and living life on the road full time. He's been living the nomad life for the last five years!

Please welcome my friend Gary from NOMADS - a life of cheap/free travel.

Today he'll share the following:

  • How he has has spent no money while traveling through Scandinavia (notoriously one of the most expensive areas of the world)
  • What he feels makes travel important to growth
  • Hitchhiking stories and lessons
  • An exciting traveler’s community and exchange platform that you may not have heard of...
  • And loads more!

Listen Now to Learn:

  • How to get a different impression of the world and the human beings that exist in it
  • How to challenge fears and change preconceived ideas about people
  • The true beauty of hitchhiking
  • How to contribute more to others and the world/community as a whole
  • Why reality is different than what you read in newspapers or see on tv
  • One of the greatest educations you can have
  • Ways to find food and shelter while traveling (without money)
  • The truth about what a nomad life is really like


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Discover the dirtiest word in travel and how knowing it can help you achieve any travel dream.

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How can a single idea land you in your dream destination?

What is it about a place you've never visited that makes you want to go there?

Today you'll hear the answers to these questions and the simple 3 step process for getting anything you want- travel or otherwise- and how you can get started today!

Plus you'll hear all about how to YouTube yourself to more travel from Paradise Pack Contributor Gabrielle Wallace- the Laptop Teacher and creator of Go Natural English. She'll give you the goods on "living the dream" and tell you how she is helping others to develop their online businesses and desired lifestyles!

Listen Now to Learn:

  • How to expand your definition of personal freedom
  • What can make all the difference in getting what you want
  • 3 simple steps to get whatever you want
  • How travel can really be an education
  • One of the great stepping stones to travel
  • How to help people and share knowledge
  • How to have people reach out to you asking for your services (and asking to pay you!)
  • The organic way to grow a business
  • The numerous benefits of the Paradise Pack
  • And much more!


Grab a copy of the Paradise Pack here! Sale goes until June 6th and then it will be gone forever....after you purchase, email me ( with your receipt and I will hook you up with the Location Independence Mastery audio course (a $200 value)!

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