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It's time for a super fun episode breaking down the top USA cities for travelers.

The list is subjective and up for debate, so don't let it drive you bananas (you all have your favorite place for one reason or another).

My biz partner, good buddy, and host of Extra Pack of Peanuts, Travis Sherry stops by to share his top USA cities for travelers.

We broke up the 32 USA cities into two podcasts. In this episode, you'll hear each of our top 8 USA cities for travelers (so 1-8 for 16 cities!). Head over to the Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast for each of our rankings 9-16 (for another 16 cities!).

Quick thank you to italki for supporting today’s show. Hook up with native speakers from around the world! Get a free lesson here (buy one, get one free).

What you'll learn about the top USA cities for travelers:

  • How moments can create a favorite place
  • How to find magic in road trips
  • Why it is fun to play tour guide
  • Where to go for the ultimate blend of humanity
  • The best place to check out Stripperoke (yes, that's a real thing!)
  • How to avoid photo burnout in Northern California
  • Why people want to stay in a bubble
  • The key to the fluffiest scrambled eggs in the USA
  • How to like a city more and more each time you go (even if you want to hate it)
  • Where the road ends at a big mountain view and a waterfall (think lord of the rings)
  • How to find a place that works with your lifestyle the best
  • And much more!

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