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How does the documentation of travel- whether through pictures, social media sharing, blogging, podcasting, whatever- affect the travel experience?

The roundtable discussion continues in this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast!

I'm bringing back 3 special guests, awesome travel podcasters, my friends:

Today’s show is bit different. You'll get to eavesdrop on our conversation about the documentation of travel. You'll get different insights and perspectives about combining technology with travel- does it help or does it hurt? Is it good or bad?

And if you dig this type of roundtable discussion, go check out Nathaniel, Jackie, and Travis' podcasts as we'll be riffing on their travel question of the week.

Listen now to learn:

  • If you're moving forward or backward in regards to technology and travel
  • How do you learn from 'failure' (if technology provides the solution)
  • How to connect and create beautiful moments through the 'selfie experience'
  • How social media can create opportunities and meet ups (in any city!)
  • How to avoid the black hole of social media and technology
  • How to leverage information and technology to create options
  • How to never be alone while traveling (if that is what you want)
  • Why setting boundaries enables you to get what you truly want out of your travel experience
  • Why does social media make everything so rosy
  • How the need to share can create a disconnect (and mess up your internal dialogue)
  • How to get the best out of your travels
  • How research can actually give you confidence (to wander off the beaten path)
  • And much more!


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How do you accomplish budget minded travel?
What's your favorite travel app?

These are just a few of the topics you'll hear about in this episode of the Zero to Travel podcast. You're in for a real treat!

"No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now" - Alan Watts

Today’s episode is a round-table discussion jam- an audio grab bag of sorts- a sampling of resources, information, and just different perspectives on various travel related things. And you're learning from some of the best travel podcasters out there:

What's your best plan for budget minded travel? What is your must have piece of travel gear? Listen in to Learn:

  • Where can you wake up every morning and not have any idea what to do, but do whatever you want
  • How to get currency exchange rates standing in front of an ATM (in a third world country without any service)
  • How to transcend data plans and text with anyone
  • Why a headphone splitter is revolutionary
  • How to recognize opening lines for scams (and ways to avoid being hassled)
  • Why some places just don't live up to preset expectations
  • Top places to set up shop on the road
  • Mmmmm.....Focus Beer
  • What it's like eating a roasted pig eyeball
  • Tips to help with the fear of flying
  • And much more!


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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is a ton of information packed into this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast:

  • Adventure travel in the Middle East
  • Travel photography
  • Starting your own tour company
  • And much more!

Today’s guest is the perfect guide- Genevieve Hathaway. She’s the founder of Archaeoadventures– a tour company providing women powered tours to the Middle East and north Africa. She’s also a professional photographer, world traveler, and just a really cool person! Be sure to check out some of her work here.

Listen Now to Learn:

  • What it's really like to travel in the Middle East
  • How to find a need and solve the problem
  • What it's like being the female Indiana Jones
  • Top destinations to visit in the Middle East
  • Why people actually look out for you in the Middle East
  • How to behave and dress as a woman traveler in the Middle East (much diversity here!)
  • How meeting locals can open doors
  • What goes into starting your own tour company (and some things to avoid...)
  • How to tell stories through your camera
  • Top tips to become a travel photographer (and get paid for it!)
  • How personal photography projects help you standout


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If you were stranded on a remote island in the south pacific, what one luxury item would you want to have?

Plus, have you ever had that escape fantasy?

Well, today's guest will tell you what it is really like to drop everything and move to a remote island.

The Zero To Travel Podcast welcomes Alex Sheshunoff- the author of the new hilarious book, 'A Beginner's Guide to Paradise: 9 Steps to Giving Up Everything, So You Too Can: Move to a South Pacific Island, Wear a Loincloth, Read a Hundred Books, Diaper a Baby Monkey, Build a Bungalow, And Maybe, Just Maybe, Fall in Love!*'
* Individual results may vary. Baby Monkey not included.

Alex gives you the scoop on:

  • Island travel
  • Getting off the beaten path
  • Leaving a job to pursue a completely new direction in life
  • And what it takes to write a book about finding paradise

Listen, Laugh, and Learn:

  • What it is like to face a quarter-life crisis
  • The hardest part of deciding to move to a remote island
  • How to create structure for a trip when the true reason is unclear (think mission)
  • The best way to learn from the mistakes of others
  • How to get out of your own personal Bermuda triangle
  • The first life rule for taking any trip
  • Is paradise a place you can find or just an idea?
  • What island life is really like (thatch huts, no electricity)
  • How to get in good with the island chiefs
  • True definition of island fever
  • And much more!

Resources mentioned:

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What is your most outlandish travel dream? What would you do if you could go anywhere and do anything?

In today's Zero To Travel Podcast, I'm bringing you the second installment of our Inspiring Female Adventurers Series.

Today's guest, Ellen Miller, has some incredible athletic accomplishments. TO highlight a few:

She is the first American woman to summit Everest from both sides (north and south)
The first American woman to climb the Himalayan triple crown
Named Colorado woman of the year in 2002
Has summited every 14,000+ foot mountain peak in CO (there are 53 of them!)

On top of that she is an accomplished endurance athlete coach, adventure racer, Nordic skier, and mountain runner.

She is also gives back as the founder of the Climb for Literacy. In this podcast Ellen shares a TON of advice on travel, athletics and what it takes to climb the biggest mountain in the world.

Listen to Learn:

The most important thing about a travel dream
Why being told "go outside and play" can help with adventure
How to leverage your accomplishments to provide amazing experiences for others
How to keep climbing after hip replacements
What it really takes to make climbing Everest a truly enjoyable experience
How to mentally prepare for climbing Everest
Advice to get started on your Everest quest
Why you should thank your mother for her genetic gifts (if you perform well at high altitudes)
How to change the neural pathways of your brain
Top recommendations for staying fit while traveling
And much more!


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