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In today's Zero To Travel Podcast, I'm bringing you episode three of Travelosophy.

In this series I share thoughtful questions around long-term travel and/or travel as a lifestyle choice for any period of time.

These questions I pose in this series have no right or wrong answer and my thoughts are my travelosophy or travel philosophy.

What are your travel goals?

Do you think George Costanza from Seinfeld could help you achieve those travel goals?

Listen now to find out:

How to re-invent yourself in the new year
How to create a year filled with travel
Why doing the 'opposite' could be helpful (in travel and life)
How to create a mantra or pep talk to guide you
Why being in control of your own destiny is valuable
What's happening on Thirsty Thursday's
How to break down travel goals and create structure around them
How to do everything you want to do in a year
And much more!

Resources mentioned:

Zero to Travel Resources
Location Indie
The Book by Alan Watts
Low Cut Connie

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What is going to be your theme for this year?

If not now, then when?  Do it now, let's get it started!

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Happy holidays and welcome to the 2nd annual Christmas spectacular here on the Zero To Travel Podcast!

Today my wife Anne Dorthe and I are bringing you this episode from our apartment in Oslo, Norway.

We’ll be sharing 12 things we love about Christmas in Norway. It's like the song, The 12 Days of Christmas- Norwegian Style!

We'd like to give you the fun stuff about the holiday's.....the good vibes.

And whether you celebrate Christmas or not I hope you’ll join us today’re invited to this party!

Listen to this episode now and get ready to practice age old traditions and create new ones, share loads of delicious food, and celebrate togetherness with family, friends, and loved ones.

Thanks you so much for being a part of the Zero To Travel Podcast family and Happy Holidays my friend!

Want to join us on a one horse open sleigh ride (seriously) and hear more Christmas cheer? Listen to our first Norwegian Christmas Spectacular.

Be sure to leave a bowl of porridge outside the barn for Nisse

Do you have a holiday tradition or want to share your favorite Christmas memory, send me an email ( or hit me on twitter @zerototravel.

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What is the weirdest thing you've seen on a trip?

In this episode of the Zero To Travel podcast, you'll hear all about travel weirdness, an interesting interpretation of hell, and different ways to get off the beaten path.

I'm bringing you a special guest at the top of the show.

And, you'll hear from Chris Backe: The nomad travel blogger bringing you One Weird Globe- helping you discover weird and offbeat places when you are traveling.

Special thanks to Tortuga Backpacks. Use promo code 'travel' at checkout for 10% off and a chance to win a $50 holiday package.

Listen in to Learn:

Is food in a tube weird?
Would Norway's Russ fly in the USA?
How to save money living overseas
How to put more money into your awesome fund
How to define weird and offbeat (it's all relative....)
Pro tips to find places and events on the weird side
Why a Buddhist hell temple is kind of crazy
Actionable tips to go off the beaten path (not in any guide book)
Why learning a bit of the local language can be helpful
How some festival activities are NSFW
Recommended destinations for some weirdness (you can find weird places anywhere you go)
And Much more!

Resources Mentioned:

Brianna Dawes
Tortuga Backpacks
One Weird Globe
Fluent in 3 Months
Boryeong Mud Festival
Phi Ta Khon Festival
Wat Pa Lak Roy
Wat Chedi Hoi
Choose A Way
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

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Do you find this time of year both strange and exciting?

What is your biggest travel meltdown?

In today's Zero To Travel podcast, we're bringing you a different kind of episode: Travel Meltdowns. Hear from people who have 'melted down' all over the world.

Not only here, but we've got a sister episode over at Extra Pack of Peanuts. Tune in there to hear more travel meltdown tales.

Maybe you'll get some ideas on how to avoid a travel meltdown!

Thanks again to Tortuga Backpacks! Use promo code 'travel' for 10% off and a chance to win a special year end prize.

Listen in to Learn:

Ways to game-plan for next year's travel goals
How biking around a city can bring new adventures
How the Paris bike share program works (or doesn't work...)
How to avoid to angry
How to manage travel and a relationship
How to regroup and figure out a challenging situation
Why meltdowns are often over small things (and emergencies get handled)
Ways to prepare for a trip to a new place (to avoid possible meltdown)
Why mindset is so important
Some antidotes to meltdowns
And much more!


How to achieve your travel dreams in 2015: Zero to Travel podcast
Chris Guillebeau
Location Indie
Extra Pack of Peanuts
Tortuga Backpacks

Have a travel meltdown story? I challenge you to share via twitter or email. Or just check in and say hello!

And I'd be grateful if you could leave me an honest review on iTunes.

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In today's Zero To Travel Podcast, I'm bringing you a new series: Inspiring Female Adventurers.

In this series I give the ladies some props and share some amazing things they are doing out in the world.

Whether it is adventure, exploring cultures, overcoming challenges, or just seeing the world, there is something to learn from these amazing female travelers.

Today's guest walked for 5 years straight, through 4 continents, 22 countries, and over 14,000 miles. Her journey was a mission to bring global awareness to breast cancer.

The first woman ever to walk around the world: Polly Letofsky. Read her book 3MPH: The Adventure of One Woman’s Walk Around the World, and learn all about Polly here.

A special thank you to Tortuga Backpacks for helping make today's episode possible. One lucky Zero To Travel listener will win a bonus package for any purchase made through the end of the year. Be sure to use promo code 'travel' at check out (for 10% off) to qualify for the giveaway.

Listen to Learn:

How to deal with FOMO (can you guess what FOMO stands for?)
How to create clarity, creativity, and connectivity through walking
How many pairs of shoes you need to walk 14,000 miles
How to take the leap from an idea to actually start a journey
Why faith and trust in the world makes all the difference
How to handle Forrest Gump like status
The best ways to 'train' for a 5 year walk
Tips to show up and persevere (advice to do something big)
Ways to manage the ebb and flow of your emotions
Why walking is a great mode of travel
How certain sacrifices can lead to future growth
Practical tips on bringing big goals and dreams into reality
And much more!


Tortuga Backpacks
Polly Letofsky
3MPH: The Adventure of One Woman’s Walk Around the World
New Balance
Lions Club International
Rotary International

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