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Are you ready to mix it up? In today’s episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, I team up with Kate McCulley from Adventurous Kate to bring you the first edition of ‘The Travel Mix.’

In each Travel Mix Episode, I bring on a co-host to riff, debate, and chat about a variety of topics, all related to the long term travel lifestyle.

Today you’ll hear travel topics starting with the Letter M - I'll keep the topics a Mystery for now.

You’ll also learn another expert Pack Hack from our friend Fred over at Tortuga backpacks!

Listen now! You’ll discover:

The #1 ingredient for a perfect travel day
Basic rules for packing shoes
How to use the 'mission technique' to plan a new type of trip
What pop star Kate is related to and a song Jason is embarrassed to admit he loves
Our thoughts on stripping down to the bare minimum in preparation of travel
How to determine it's right to stop traveling
And much more!

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Adventurous Kate
Tortuga Backpacks

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To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Today I’m bringing you the first in a new series called Travelosophy that I’ll be publishing at least once a month in the Zero To Travel Podcast.

In this series I share thoughtful questions around long-term travel and/or travel as a lifestyle choice for any period of time.

These questions I pose in this series have no right or wrong answer and my thoughts are my travelosophy or travel philosophy.

I’m curious what you think so if you want to add to this discussion you can email me, send me a message on twitter, or leave a comment here.

In the next Travelosophy episode I’ll share some of those comments with the community – the zero to travel worldwide caravan of listeners.

Now, let’s get into today’s question

What if your calling is to travel?

Well, what is a calling?

For the purpose of this show, I’m defining it as something you feel compelled to do.

The word ‘calling’ has a lot of implications and potential pressures around it.

If someone asks you what your ‘true calling’ is you might not like that question because you don’t have an answer and you wouldn’t be alone.

Some would argue that there is such a thing as a one true calling; something you were meant to do …and others would disagree.

That’s not what this is about so I’ll define ‘calling’ further as something you feel you need to do for a period of time.

Meaning, it does NOT have to be something you do for the rest of your life…we never know how long that will be anyway.

Now I want to ask you, what if you feel, right now, that your calling is to travel for some extended period?

Travel is something your gut and your heart tells you to do repeatedly.

The urge to travel is a knowing that pops up in your mind, your heart and your soul on a regular basis.

It’s something that hangs around so long you can’t ignore it any longer.

What does that mean?

Is travel an acceptable calling to have?

What happens when you begin to think that ‘travel’ is the path you need to choose right now?

Do you judge that thought?

Do you scoff at or dismiss it?

Does it seem ridiculous?

If so, why?

Because often times many or at least some friends and family around you won’t get it, and that’s fine, they can have their opinions.

And society as a whole sees travel as a hobby, or activity - not a calling that is understood as something one must do.

Our minds can be harsher judges then society.

If you feel travel may be your calling right now, and dismiss that thought it’s no different than unsupportive external influences and people.

In fact it’s worse.

Isn’t it reasonable to consider travel as a calling?

Through my personal experience I know that I felt exploring the world was something I needed to do. I wasn’t sure how initially but those details got figured out.

The important thing is if you feel compelled to travel for an extended period of time now or in the near future it’s imperative to support yourself internally, without judgment.

Now, let’s go external for a moment…

Have you noticed that it’s acceptable for someone to make a statement of knowing, a statement of conviction, when that statement falls in line with what our culture and society deem acceptable or to be at a certain imagined level of status?

For example, if someone feels in their heart they want to work in the medical profession and states “I want to become a doctor” that person will have the vast majority of support from everyone.

Society, culture, friends, family.

Doctors universally received a high level of respect, admiration and status. Even the bad ones get it.

I do believe being a doctor a noble profession.

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Have you ever considered walking as the best way to travel?

Worried about what to pack for your next adventure?

Want to learn how to meet other travelers and connect organically?

In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, you'll hear expert Pack Hacks from Fred Perrotta, co-founder of Tortuga backpacks.

I also sit down (on a bus!) for a spontaneous interview with my new friend Dave. We met outside of the bus terminal in Peniche, Portugal and we discuss his pilgrimage from London to the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

In this travel podcast you'll learn:

3 stupid simple ways you can meet other travelers
The one thing all travelers have in common
Packing strategies to make your next trip super easy
General size guidelines for your pack
Tips for taking the unofficial route to Camino de Santiago
How to adjust to walking for 77 days
Essential items for the pilgrimage (and how to not over-pack)
Why it is easier to travel with no real plans
Keys to meeting new people when you travel

Resources Mentioned:

Tortuga Backpacks- use discount code 'Travel' for 10% off
International House Sitting, How to Travel the World and Stay Anywhere, For FREE


If you are feeling up to it, send me a postcard from your next travel adventure!  I'll give you a shout out on the show.

And be sure to check out the archives to get some more travel tips and inspiration.




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If you're ready to have more of your burning long term travel questions answered then listen up!

It's time for another edition of Zero To Travel Podcast Listener Questions.

In this ongoing series you get your most pressing questions answered.

Have a question for a future episode?

Just send me an email to or ask it on twitter @zerototravel

This week I share my thoughts on some tough long term travel considerations:

Should you keep a home base when you travel long term?

How much should weather dictate your travel plans?

Is it possible to travel long term with your beloved pet or will you be forced to choose between two things you love?

Hit play to listen now and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes

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What do you do when you don’t feel like traveling anymore while you’re on the road? And what do you do when you're hit by a series of crises that have you feeling like you're living in a nightmare?

In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, I talk to Jade Heilmann from We Travel and Blog about the crises her and her husband Gabriel have had to overcome while on the road.

You’ll learn:

What to do if you get sick of traveling while you're on the road
How Jade started traveling
Why Jade and Gabriel decided to get a van and how much it cost
The problems they had to overcome with the van
What you give up when you travel this way
The reasons for and purpose behind their trip
Jade's eclectic background and why she hasn't been able to decide on a career
Why blogging suits Jade
The terrible things that happened that led to them feeling like they were living in a nightmare
Why they questioned whether or not they should be blogging
The main downfalls of the travel industry
The dark reality of living on the road
How they find balance on the road
Why you should think twice before starting a business while you're traveling
The problems young travelers can cause by playing in other countries
Tips for conscious and sustainable travel
Her advice for those who want to learn to surf
Her tips for traveling in Baja
The importance of crisis

Resources Mentioned

We Travel and Blog

For more honest interviews about the reality of travel, check out the archives!

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In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, Tim Leffel stops by again and drops his current Top 5 World's Cheapest Destinations.

As an avid traveler, blogger, and author, Tim knows what he is talking about.  His book is updated with 21 featured destinations and some honorable mentions.

Where are you going to get a great bargain?  What countries have a great tourist infrastructure with things to do?  Where are you going to get the best bang for your buck?

These are just a few factors Tim considers when picking the World's Cheapest Destinations.

Are you a digital nomad, want to take an extended trip, or maybe live in a new country for a few months?  Let's dive in and see which cheap destinations will be next on your travel list!


You'll Learn:

How cash helps in one of the most beautiful countries in the world
The most cost effective way to visit multiple countries in one area
Where the dollar is at a historic high
Where to get the best seasonal and locally sourced food
How to help the most attractive and cheapest country in the world
Where to find amazing culture and a cornucopia of food


Cheapest Destinations Blog
World's Cheapest Destinations
Ultimate Live Abroad Giveaway




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In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, we learn the ins and outs of Living Abroad with Tim Leffel.

Tim is a writer, author, editor, and publisher.  He combines his extensive personal experience living abroad and shares stories from others in his book, A Better Life For Half The Price: how to prosper on less money in the cheapest places to live.  He also wrote, The World's Cheapest Destinations: 21 Countries Where Your Travel Money is Worth a Fortune.

Have you ever been interested in living abroad? 

We dive deep into everything associated with that including medical coverage, travel Visas, having children abroad, and what the overall experience is actually like.

Want to find out if this is an option for you now.....or maybe later in life?  Listen now!

And be sure to listen to the end to learn about a $99 value giveaway from Tim.
You'll Learn:

Financial Advantages of living abroad
How to have better quality of life living abroad
How to make money while living abroad
Secrets to completing important tasks
How to tell if the living abroad lifestyle is for you
General travel Visa recommendations
Strategies for the best medical coverage
Best options to handle your child's education


Cheapest Destinations Blog
Cheap Living Abroad
Tim's Travel Books
Empire Flippers
MedJet Assist
Ultimate Live Abroad Giveaway

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