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In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, I sit down with my wife to give you the top 15 Reasons Why Travel Companions are Awesome.

We've both traveled solo in various parts of the world and absolutely love it, so what makes having a travel buddy so great?

You'll find out in this episode.

To top it off, we share some travel companion tactics and strategies while regaling you with our mishaps from the road.

Sit back, relax, and have some fun, with this travel podcast.
You'll Learn:

How to manage your time while traveling
Some unexpected benefits of travel companions
How to work together to come up with a decision
Why 'sick buddies' rule
Techniques to be more efficient while traveling
Why it's great to let go and not ask for anything from anybody
What you can do to stay safe with your own 'personal security guard'
How to have great food experiences and eat your face off with a travel friend
And much more!

Some other key mentions from this travel podcast:

Where did we record this episode?

In room number 4 of this character rich family run B&B called Casa Das Mares in Baleal, Portugal.

They even have a 25 year old talking parrot in the lobby (which double as the family dining room).

We loved it! Call them up to book, they only have four rooms. And say hello to Humberto and the family for us.

What did that view from your room look look like?

Don't forget if you have any questions or just want to reach out and say hello, please contact me via email or twitter.  And please be sure to share your tiny travel tip or trick #tinytraveltips.

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Travel Tactics is back! This series is all about how to travel for as long as you want to, by getting free flights and accommodation and by building a business that you can run from anywhere.

In this episode I speak with Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts, Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo, and Rob from Making It Anywhere.

We discuss who should and shouldn't try travel hacking, why you should trade work for accommodation, and which type of business you should start if you want to make it anywhere.

You will learn:

The top 3 things that will keep you traveling for as long as you want
What travel hacking is
Who should and shouldn’t start travel hacking
How travel hacking with credit cards affects your credit score
How to get free accommodation around the world
The worst places Nora Dunn has ever slept
How Nora got a job working in a hostel
The advantages of working in exchange for accommodation
How to make the leap to running a location independent business
How to do an audit of your skills
Which type of business it’s best to start with
What kind of timeframe is realistic for making it anywhere

Resources Mentioned

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Zero To Travel Podcast archives
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In today’s episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast we learn how to find professional work overseas. And who better to teach us than Troy Erstling. He has studied in Argentina, taught English in South Korea, took a fellowship in India, and worked for one of India’s most promising startups.

Now Troy is speaking at universities inspiring students to travel and work abroad.  And he is the ‘brainchild’ of BrainGain. He is using his entrepreneurial spirit and travel education to help others find ways of exploring an international career.

Thinking about traveling and working abroad? Not sure where to start? Listen now and learn from someone who’s done it!

You'll Learn:

What it's like to Teach English Abroad
How to transition from teaching/volunteering to Professional Work
How to utilize personal networks to find opportunities
Most realistic places to find work overseas
Step by Step process to finding work overseas
Typical duration of most jobs and where to find the most opportunity
Understanding Cultural differences when applying for jobs (and how to find the real cost of living estimates)
Going from a tourist visa to a permanent visa
Going to an International School to open up opportunities in your desired country
Ins and outs of BrainGain


Dave's ESL Cafe
Tech in Asia

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In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, I talk with 3 Food Experts from around the world.  Katie Parla of Parla Food, Shane Kost who runs Chicago Food Planet and Food Tour Pros, and Grace Della who operates Miami Culinary Tours.  They show us how food is an amazing way to see the World.

Want to find the best local food?  Learn about culture through food?  Have some fun, meet some locals, and get an authentic food experience.  Sink your teeth into this weeks episode Now.  Bon Appétit!

You'll Learn:

Things you must eat when visiting Italy
Exploring different types of pizza (and where to get the best pizza in Rome!)
Deciphering the Italian Wine List (and a general rule of thumb)
Helpful ordering procedures
Where to find the best places to eat in Italy (and how to do it on a budget)
How to deal with food allergies
Tipping in Italy
The Best Chicago Neighborhoods for Food
Must Eats in Chicago (where to get the best deep dish pizza and hot dog)
Best Ways to find authentic experiences
Benefits of a Food Tour Business
The Blend of Cultures of the South Miami food scene
Best Ways to find local spots to eat
Top 3 foods you must try in Miami (and how to tell they are authentic)


Eating & Drinking in Rome: An insider's guide to the city's best food and drink
Katie Parla
Parla Food
Chicago Food Planet
Food Tour Pros
Miami Culinary Tours

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