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My guest in this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast takes the digital nomad lifestyle to the extreme.

Adventurer, Digital Nomad & Entrepreneur Fabian Dittrich is the founder and CEO of Helpando and creator and leader of StartUp Diaries.

Fab worked and traveled through South America as a Digital Nomad in his mobile 'office', a Land Rover Defender called La Oficina.

Today he shares his experience running a business while traveling overland and teaches you the secrets to finding your work/travel/life balance.

Is it worth it to run a business while you travel? Can you manage a whole company on the road in South America?  And create a documentary along the way with little experience, giving insight to people who redefine work?  Listen to the show now to find out how it can be done!

You'll Learn:

Logistics of running a business from a Land Rover Defender (in South America)
How much a business interferes with the travel experience
How to manage clients across different time zones
How to balance adventure and work
Benefits of a Digital Nomad Lifestyle (think Freedom and Empathy)
How to design your life and take a different path
Conquering the fears of potential issues on the road
About many South American locals doing creative things (and redefining work)
Rewards of Business, Travel, Documentary experience
Valuable resources and suggestions about technology (to create ease and efficiency)

Resources Mentioned:

StartUp Diaries
The Four Hour Work Week
Art of Designing Your Own Path
Base Camp
Alfred App
Fabian Dittrich

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In today's episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, we dive deep on the topic of learning through travel, Gap Year, career breaks, and beyond.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jennifer Miller, head editor at BootsnAll, project developer for the Travel Access Project, and the co-author of Bottles to Backpacks: The Gypsy Mama's guide to REAL Travel With Kids.

The dominate theme was travel as a form of education (at any age), and the value of learning through roaming.

Is this the best way to learn? Should everyone travel for some period of time if it's within their means? We dig into some tough questions and cover much more. Give this show a listen now!

You’ll Learn:

Why you should take a Gap Year (and how a year of travel can help you learn and grow)
How the world is the perfect classroom
Why it is important to explore different cultures
Benefits of traveling abroad for children
BootsnAll's mission to change the education system (and mandate 1 year abroad for high school or college students)
About the philanthropic arm of BootsnAll (The Travel Access Project)
How The Travel Access Project will help students find clarity and direction (and how travel mentors abroad will guide them toward their true passions)
What a career break can do for you
How to get creative when things don’t go as planned (look deep within to explore your best path)
Advice to arrange travel with your spouse or partner
Top tips for traveling with children/family (and how not to go crazy)
Creating a Travel Portfolio (to produce future opportunities)

Resources Mentioned
Travel Access Project
Jenn's Email

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In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, I talk with full-time house sitters Nat and Jodie about how traveling the world and living for free. We dive right into the myths and truths surrounding house sitting, so you can work out whether or not it's for you.

This episode is the first in a five-part audio series about international house sitting that we've put together to celebrate the launch of our book, International House Sitting: How To Travel The World & Stay Anywhere, For Free.

You can get the complete audio series plus a whole bunch of resources designed to help you take action and become a successful house sitter, by buying the book.

To find out how to get access to the entire training course, and to get a discount on the book, go to Alternatively, text "housesitting" to 33444.

In this episode you will learn:

What house sitting is and how it works
The challenges that come with house sitting
What the service mindset is and how it helps with house sitting
What daily life as a house sitter is like
Living the dream: myth or truth
Who house sitting is and isn’t for

Resources Mentioned

Zero To House Sitting
The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Don't forget, to get access to the rest of the audio course, pick up your copy of the book. You'll find more information at

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In today's episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, we’re discussing a somewhat unknown little gem: The Repositioning Cruise! A one-way cruise that doesn’t return to the port of call. We’re also briefly discussing the Schengen Agreement.

For this episode, I sit down with Bobby from Bobby and his wife Abby are adventurers looking to expand their world. Bobby gives tips and insights on the Repositioning Cruise experience; it was their transportation to Europe for their 6 month bike tour!

You’ll Learn:

How long you can stay in Europe
Rules of the Schengen Agreement and how to bend them
How to work in exchange for a free place to stay
What is a Repositioning Cruise
Pros and Cons of the Repositioning Cruise (And Why You Should Consider Doing One)
Where to find information on Repositioning Cruises
Who to talk to about Repositioning Cruises
Typical pricing for Repositioning Cruises
How to get the lowest pricing on Repositioning Cruises
Additional Benefits of the Repositioning Cruise
Port of Entry Guidelines
Further Clarification of the Schengen Agreement
Managing Service Fees on the Repositioning Cruise
And much more!

Resources Mentioned

Bobby and Abby
Work Away
Cruise Compete
Location Indie
Nomadic Matt's How To Stay In Europe For More Than 90 Days

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