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In this - the final episode of our Epic Bike Rides Week series -, I speak with Casey Greene.

Casey works as a cartographer for the Adventure Cycling Association – a non-profit organisation that aims to inspire people to explore the world by bike. That means Casey gets paid to create and update maps and bike routes. What an exciting job!

Casey is also a pioneer in a new form of bike touring. In this episode, he talks about that, what it means for the future of bike touring, and how to plan the perfect bike trip.

Listen in to find out:

The two different ways to view adventure cycling
How to make a map
How to design an adventure
The best way to fly on your way to and from a bike trip
What pack biking is
The future of cycle touring
The most accessible bike rides for beginners
How the Adventure Cycling Association helps cyclists

Resources Mentioned

Casey Greene’s blog
Adventure Cycling Association
How To Quit Your Job and Travel the World
How I Design Adventure

To listen to the other podcast episodes in this series, see the cycle touring archive.

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In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast you'll hear how one family has been living their nomad dream and how you can plan a longer bike trip with your family.

In their words, here is how Francois, Cécile and their daughter Emma describe their nomad dream:

"Living a family adventure around the world, at the slow and active pace of our touring bikes. Living our passion for climbing and outdoor activities. Being outside in the rain, the wind, under the sun and the stars. Meeting and knowing people from everywhere and sharing their daily life. Speaking spanish, french, english, russian. Stepping out of our comfort zone, forgetting our habits, putting back things into perspective. Living simply, with the bare necessities, ecologically. Reading all the pages of the book. Living our dream."

Why did they choose to do an adventure cycle tour?

"Because we just don’t imagine any other way of traveling. Simple, convenient, active and ecological, cycle touring is for us the perfect way to travel at a human pace to take time to embrace sceneries, atmospheres, silence. Exposed to all winds, bike touring is also a wide open window to the world and a unique visa to meet other people."

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Give this podcast a listen now and you'll learn:

What it is like to settle into a trip like this
How to deal with taking your kids out of school to travel
How traveling with kids can make it easier to meet locals along the way
What they did to prepare for this trip
Why cycle touring with your family is accessible
Why this type of trip is safe for any family
What magical travel moments stand out
Why they decided to go home after 15,000km
What their daily budget was and how they managed it
And much more!


Nomad Dream

Adventure Cycling Association

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National Geographic Traveler of the Year, speaker, author and adventurer Alastair Humphreys believes that adventures come in all sizes.

After a 4 year, 45,000 mile bike journey in which he only spent £7000 Alastair now inspires others to have adventures of their own both big and small.

Alastair's Journey

As a pioneer in the concept of microadventures, Alastair believes that people can have proper, life changing adventures close to home with little money.

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In this travel podcast episode you'll hear how you can plan any adventure big and small.

You'll also learn:

What books inspired Alastair to become an adventurer
The trap you can fall into when you compare your adventures others
How to define what success means to you
How to plan adventures at any age
How to go on a life changing adventure for only $1000
How to manage your mind to complete any adventure big or small
What a microadventure is and how you can use this concept as a springboard to bigger travel
How to overcome your limiting beliefs
And much more!

My favorite quote from this interview:

'The whole planet is waiting on your front door step.'

Alastair's Website

£1000 challenge

cover photo and map photo courtesy of Alastair Humphreys

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Epic Bike Rides Week continues!

If you haven't already, make sure you enter our competition to win a free 6 month membership to the Adventure Cycling Association. All you have to do is share your favorite Epic Bike Rides episode on Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #EpicBikeRides. Easy!

Otherwise, let's get to today's interview!

Today I speak with Leon McCarron about his many epic bike rides and how he become a professional adventurer.

Listen in to find out how to document your adventures while you're on the road, how to adapt to normal life once your adventure ends, and how to get started with your first cycling trip.

In this episode, you'll learn:

Why it’s hard to adjust back to normal life after an extended trip and how to deal with that
Why it’s good to have some kind of home, no matter how much you travel
How Leon become a professional adventurer
The three main benefits of traveling
What Leon has learned from traveling
How Leon felt when he first set out on his bike on his own
What Leon got out of his first bike trip
How Leon decided where to do his first bike trip
Why you shouldn’t rule out traveling in your own country
How Leon sees North Americans
How to balance travel with a need for community
How to balance enjoying an experience with documenting your travels
What about Leon hasn’t changed despite all his traveling
Leon’s advice for wannabe adventurers

Resources Mentioned

Solo Adventure Cycling Around The World: Epic Bike Rides With Shirine Taylor
No Pants. No Money. No Bike. No Problem! Epic Bike Rides With George Mahood : Zero To Travel Podcast
Personal & Meaningful Journeys By Bicycle: Epic Bike Rides With Tom Allen
American Cycling Association
How To Quit Your Job and Travel the World
Leon McCarron
The Road Headed West: A Cycling Adventure Through North America
Fitting In
Leon’s TED Talk

If you enjoyed the interview, please visit Leon's Kickstarter page to help him tell his latest story, A Tale Of Two Rivers: Journeys on the Karun & Santa Cruz.

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It's day three of #EpicBikeRides! To catch up on the series so far, check out the episodes below.

Solo Adventure Cycling Around The World: Epic Bike Rides With Shirine Taylor
No Pants. No Money. No Bike. No Problem! Epic Bike Rides With George Mahood : Zero To Travel Podcast


To celebrate Epic Bike Rides Week, I've put together an exciting competition. How do you feel about winning a FREE six month membership with the Adventure Cycling Association?

For your chance to win, all you need to do is use the hashtag #EpicBikeRides on Facebook or Twitter, sharing a link to your favorite Zero To Travel podcast episode from this week, and explaining why you liked it. Easy!

Today's Interview

In today's interview I speak with Tom Allen, a filmmaker, adventure cyclist, author, and huge advocate for bike touring.

We talk about what it's like to cycle the length of England with no money, how much preparation you need to do before going on a bike trip, and the impact of perception on risk.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

Why Tom started traveling
How Tom’s trip changed him
Why Tom chose to travel by bike
How much Tom spent on each day of his trip
How Tom prepared for his trip
Tom’s expectations before the trip compared to how things turned out
Tom’s take on risk
The best way to start adventure cycling
What it’s like to live with no money
How having a mission and being vulnerable changes how people respond to you
How to handle stress on the road
The differences between solo and group travel
The only three things you need for a bike trip

* Tom and Leon (another #epicbikerides week guest) re making 2 new films! Want to help out? You can support their kickstarter here.
Resources Mentioned

Tom’s Bike Trip
Essential Gear for Adventure Cycling
Janapar – Love on a Bike
How To Quit Your Job and Travel the World

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Epic Bike Rides Week continues today with this interview with Shirine Taylor from A Wandering Photo.

Shirine is a long-term traveler who sees the world from the saddle of her bicycle. Although she now travels with her parter Kevin, she has a lot of experience of solo adventure cycling around the world, which she shares with us in this interview.

To find out the single best starter trip for a budding cyclist, as well as Shirine's top tips for female travelers, listen to today's podcast using the player above or by subscribing in iTunes or on Stitcher.

You will also learn:

The difference between lifestyle and vacation when you live on the road
Why Shirine likes traveling alone
Why Shirine wasn’t scared to travel on her own
Just how cheap it is to travel long-term by bike
The advantage of starting your trip or spending some time traveling in your own country
Why people help cyclists more than other travelers
The single best starter trip for a budding cyclist
Shirine’s experience of cycling on her own through India
Which parts of India are safest for female travelers
The hardest thing about cycle touring
How fit you need to be to travel by bike
The best country to start bike touring in
Exactly how much Shirine spends living on the road
Shirine’s top tips for solo female travelers

Resources Mentioned

Episode 1 of the Epic Bike Rides Week series: No Pants. No Money. No Bike. No Problem! Epic Bike Rides With George Mahood
How To Quit Your Job and Travel the World
A Wandering Photo
Skalatitude (women on wheels)

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the third episode in our Epic Bike Rides Week series!

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Today's podcast episode is the first in our Epic Bike Rides Week series! This week I'll be speaking to six incredible individuals who have been on some epic bike rides. Whole families, solo females, British adventurers... We've got it all covered!

First up, I speak with George Mahood, who set off to cycle the full length of Great Britain with nothing but his underwear! No clothes, no money, and no bike! If that's not epic, I don't know what is!

In today's episode of the podcast, you will learn:

Why George and Ben decided to cycle the length of Great Britain with no clothes
What you need to have an adventure
How terrible weather helped George and Ben get started
What George learned about money
What a rusty bike and a scooter taught them about appreciation
The worst things about having no money
The best things about having no money
Stories about some of the most unusual and generous people they met
That impact that cycling with less had on the usual troubles that come with bike trips
How George published his book about the trip
How they documented the trip
What adventure means to George
How George has managed to incorporate adventure into his daily life
How to settle back into normal life after an adventure
George’s advice for anyone who wants to have an adventure

Resources Mentioned

George Mahood
Episode 45: Trekking in Patagonia
Episode 46: Travel Podcast: Trekking Logistics 101, The 10 Essentials, What To Bring and More
Episode 47: Epic Treks: Tramping New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail
Episode 48: Epic Trekking : Best Treks In The World
Free Country: A Penniless Adventure the Length of Britain
Episode 38: You're Coming Hitchhiking Around Scotland With Me
Long Way Round
Every Day Is a Holiday
Life’s a Beach
Stay Up All Night Night
How To Quit Your Job and Travel the World

To get involved in the conversation about George's trip, use the hashtag #epicbikerides on Twitter!

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In today's episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, I speak with Jana Schuberth, an elite social and behavioral change coach and a digital nomad. Jana is also the founder of Alive in Berlin, a European conference devoted to personal transformation that's takes place at the end of May.

Together we talk about how to take a leap of faith and mentally prepare yourself to completely change your life. Jana shares her best tips on embracing change, understanding what you really want when you say you want to travel, and dealing with low days on the road.

In this episode of the podcast, you’ll learn:

Why Jana decided to start a conference in Europe
How Jana got into personal development
How Jana discovered her core craft
The importance of finding the value in the things you hate
What “enoughness” is and how to handle it
What our external goals tell us about the way we want to feel
What the two fundamental fears are
Why most people fail when they try to change something
The difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset
How to mentally prepare yourself to take a leap
The question you need to ask yourself before you decide to change your life and start traveling
Why the first step to changing your life might be a small one
How to handle a lack of support from your friends and family
Why you shouldn’t ignore your fears and what to do instead
How to deal with down days when you’re on the road
How putting time limits on your travels can improve the experience
How living on the road has changed Jana and the way she approaches life
How to take a client-based business on the road

Resources Mentioned

How To Quit Your Job and Travel the World
Alive in Berlin
Greg Hartle
Jana Schuberth
Jana on Facebook

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This is a very special episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, because I got to sit down with Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo in person, to talk about full-time travel.

Nora has been travelling full-time for eight years and she's just written a book called Live and Work from Anywhere.

In this episode, we talk about settling down, saving for travel, how much money you need to travel long-term, and how to work from the road.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

Why Nora hates the phrase “to settle down”
Why the location independent lifestyle is here to stay
The importance of being flexible
What the future of location independence holds
How to go from zero to digital nomad
How to balance work and life on the road
Why Nora burned out and how she was forced to reexamine her life
The importance of entertaining possibilities
The one exercise you have to do tonight
Nora’s best travel practices
The questions to answer to find out how much money you need to save for travel
The first step to taking control of your finances
How much money to have in your emergency fund
How Nora managed to spend only $173 on accommodation in 2011
How to manage your taxes on the road
The health insurance you need to travel long-term
What Nora is most grateful for

Resources Mentioned

The Professional Hobo
Live and Work from Anywhere
Chris Guillebeau
Dear Nora: How Much Money do I Need to Travel Long Term? (Credit Walk)
The Caretaker Gazette
Location Indie

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In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, I share my golden rule for how to pack light. I also speak with Fred Perrotta from Tortuga Backpacks about packing so that you never need to check a bag again, the backpack problem he solved, and creating a physical product.

Whether you just want to find out how to save space in your luggage, or you have an idea for a physical product and you'd like to know what bringing that idea to market would involve, you're guaranteed to get a lot out of this interview.

One last thing before you dive in: this interview comes with a discount code to get 10% off Tortuga Backpacks. Simply click this link and use the code ZERO when you check out to save yourself some money.

Watch this Tortuga Daypack Review to learn more:

In this interview, you will learn:

The golden rule for packing: how to minimize what you bring to maximize your pleasure
Why Fred felt the need to create a travel backpack
How to pack properly
The number one item that wastes space
How to pack if you’re going to places with different climates
The most common baggage restrictions
Which size bag to look for, in terms of liters
How Fred got started with creating a physical product
Why naivety can be an advantage
The steps to creating a physical product
How much it costs to get a physical product designed
One crowdfunding pitfall to avoid
Whether or not you can still travel when you’re creating a physical product
Why Fred decided to create a day bag

Resources Mentioned

How To Quit Your Job and Travel the World
Do It Right and Pack Light : Timeless Travel Tactics
Tortuga Backpacks (discount code: ZERO)
Power Trip Podcast
Extra Pack of Peanuts
The 4-Hour Work Week
Maker’s Row

Don't forget to check out Tortuga Backpacks and use the discount code ZERO to get 10% off!

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Do you want to quit your job and get paid to travel the world? How about becoming a freelance travel journalist? Find out exactly what that involves in today's episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast with Nikki Vargas from The Pin The Map Project.

In this episode of the podcast, you’ll learn:

The three things you need to quit your job and travel the world.
What inspired Nikki to start a travel blog
Why Nikki gave herself three months of travel blogging before she invested in her site
Why Nikki was frustrated with the travel blogging niche and how her frustration led to her filling a gap in the market
The three ways Nikki makes money from travel writing
The importance of website design for freelance writers
How to drive traffic to your blog
How to associate yourself with other travel bloggers to grow your blog
The distinction between being a travel blogger and a freelance travel journalist
How to build your portfolio so that you can get your articles published on the big sites
The online tools Nikki uses to find travel writing jobs
The difference between PR and advertising and how this affects the ethics of travel journalism
How to review hotels and restaurants that don't impress you
How to balance traveling for work with traveling for yourself

Resourced Mentioned:

Audio course for people who want to quit their jobs and travel
Food & Wine Magazine
The Daily Meal
Go Nomad
The Pin The Map Project
Thought Catalogue
Nomadic Matt
World of Wanderlust
Elite Daily
Matador U
Guide to launching your own travel site
Guide to taking your travel site to the next level
Funny mishaps and bloopers of a solo traveler

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If you've ever dreamed about buying your own slice of paradise overseas, this travel podcast is for you. Taylor White from International Real Estate Listings breaks down how to find and purchase your dream place in any country.

Give this travel podcast and listen now. You'll learn:

Where the real estate hot spots in the worlds are
The importance of understanding your motivation for buying
How to find good investment opportunities
The worst mistake Taylor made with real estate overseas and how you can avoid it
What things you should consider before you buy real estate overseas
How to decide between buying and renting
What pre-construction deals can do for you
How to find good potential properties online
What pre-completion is and why it might be a good time to buy
What the safest type of international real estate deal is
Which strategies to use to buy real estate with less money
And much more!


Taylor's website and podcast
Live and Invest Overseas
Sovereign Man
International Living

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