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Shannon Locker is a lot of things, award winning photographer (loaded with travel photography tips of course), mother, candy lover and to top it off...she's my sister!

This episode might entertain you on a few different levels. Not only will you be regaled with tales of sibling rivalry, you'll also hear the story behind this picture:

Plus insanely actionable advice to help you come home from any trip with better photos and perfectly captured memories.

You'll learn:

Why smartphones might be the best camera to use for travelers (hint: this has nothing to do with the quality of the camera)
When to put your camera down and enjoy the moment: an ongoing debate!
The core pillars of photography that will instantly help you take better pictures
Why composition is so important
Psychology behind portrait photos and how you can use these principles to capture better pictures of people
What the rules are and when to start breaking them
Where to look for inspiration
How to ask strangers for a photo
Best practices for sharing your images on social media
Why Shannon put up with my crap growing up:)
And much more!

What are you waiting for?

Hit play and give it a listen now.

Shannon's recommended iPhone Apps


Resources From The Show
Shannon Locker's online portfolio and Facebook page and on twitter.


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Select Photos from Shannon (self portrait below)

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There is a more hardcore side to budget travel that the guidebooks don't cover where activities like train hopping, punk sailing, rubber tramping, dumpster diving, and squatting are the norm.

Matt Derrick, wanderpunk and founder of Squat The Planet, has done it all.

In this adrenaline packed episode, you'll hear Matt's incredible stories, plus actionable tips that will open your eyes to a new side of budget travel.
"I don't really look at my self generally as 'homeless', I like to describe myself as 'home free'. I'm doing this intentionally."
- Matt Derrick
Hit play now and discover:

Why dumpster diving isn't as bad as it sounds
How Matt almost died train hopping
What intentional communities and gatherings are
Matt's #1 budget travel tip that can work for any style of traveler
An inside look at hitchhiking across the USA
What it's like living on a boat for six months
What rubber tramping
And much more!

Some pictures from Matt's adventures

Resources from the show

Slingshot Calendar

WWOOF International

Squat The Planet

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Grab Youu Free Guide: 5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Airbnb
Want to know how to fund your travels with your current home without spending a penny?
Airbnb is a game changer, and now you can learn how to use this service to become location independent.
Jasper Ribbers, aka The Traveling Dutchman, is the author of "Get Paid For Your Pad – How To Maximize Profits From Your Airbnb Listing.

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In this incredibly actionable travel podcast interview, he shares the nitty-gritty details of how you can use your pad to make money while you travel the world.
All of Jasper's hard earned secrets are here. Hit play on the player at the top of this post now, and you'll discover:

Step by step instructions that will teach you how to turn your place into a money making machine
Why you should use Airbnb over other options and the big difference between airbnb and the hotel experience
The first thing you should do when you are getting you home ready to list
How to maximize the profits you can earn while keeping your guests happy
Systemizing your airbnb business so you can enjoy traveling instead of spending time managing your property
Why it's important to treat airbnb like your business
Insider tips on negotiating both as a traveler and a host
How to protect yourself and your space
Handling problems with guests and Jasper's recent horror story (hint: it involves an animal!)
How to build an incredible reputation within airbnb so guests will be begging to stay with you
And much more!

This episode is loaded with juicy insider information. Listen now.
Resources mentioned in this show:

The Traveling Dutchman

Get Paid For Your Pad – How To Maximize Profits From Your Airbnb Listing


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Bestselling author Chris Guillebeau is the youngest person ever to travel to every country in the world.

Yet this journey was small compared to his larger quest to help others change the world and live a remarkable life.
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Do you have some big 'crazy' idea, whether it be in business, travel or life, that you just can't shake?

Something keeping you up at night but just seems too insane to go after?

In his new book, The Happiness of Pursuit, Chris shares what a quest is, why they are important and how you can go about finding the quest that will bring purpose into your life.

This inspiring travel podcast interview with Chris just might change your perspective on big ideas and audacious goals. Plus you can win a free copy of  the new book the week this podcast is live (details at the end of the show)!

During the interview you'll also learn:

What exactly a quest is and how it can change your life
The #1 thing that motivated Chris to pursue his quest to travel to every country in the world
The story of one man who walked in silence for 17 years
Common characteristics Chris sees among ‘questers’
Why you believing in your quest is the most important thing and how it will help you be successful
The importance of struggle and how it will give you confidence
Why Chris made more mistakes at the end of his quest to travel to every country of the world
How to combine travel with goal setting
The 3 things I learned from Chris that act as the foundational principles for all of my businesses
And much more!

What I find through travel is the sense of being alive. – Chris G

[Tweet "A must listen #podcast chat with @chrisguillebeau about going after big ideas. #findthequest "]
Chris is the founder of the amazing World Domination Summit which is an event that helps people answer the question: How do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world? He also wrote 2 other bestsellers, The $100 Startup and The Art of Non-Conformity.

Main image by: Stephanie D. Zito
My Top 5 All-Time Favorite Pieces By Chris
A Brief Guide To World Domination

This free manifesto hit home for me at just the right time, and verbalized the things running through my head perfectly. It's a game changer.

Why Your Should Quit Your Job and Travel Around The World

If you are in a job you don't like and want to get out and see the world, enjoy this kick in the ass. You're welcome.


You'll hear why getting lonely is 'part of the job' as an independent traveler plus Chris shares how to channel loneliness into 2 positive responses.

The Floor and the Ceiling : How Much Money is Enough

A short and powerful way to reframe your approach to money.

When You're Happy You Don't Have To Tell Anyone

The title says it all but there's much more underneath. Read it, let it sink in then put it into action sometime. You might find yourself changed forever.

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In May 2014 I participated in a 546 mile hitchhiking race around Scotland.

Want to come along?

Listen to this podcast and you'll be right next to me on this adventure.

Special thanks to Gary and the NOMADS Facebook group.

A few scenes from what you are hearing in this epsiode.

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