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Why is travel important to you?

In this travel podcast Nathaniel Boyle from the Daily Travel Podcast and I dive deep into the mental side of travel and why imagination may be the most important quality a traveler can possess.
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Along the way, Nathaniel shares his approach to travel, why the mindset of an explorer is key and how pushing past your comfort zone can lead to the most authentic travel experiences.
Any desire to do anything in your life is an opportunity to do it right now. - Nathaniel Boyle
You'll be shocked at what happened to Nathaniel after he trespassed on a farm in New Zealand. Give the show a listen now and you'll also learn:

How to a approach a trip mentally
Nathaniel's thoughts on 'authentic' travel
What an explorer mindset means and how it can help you
How to make bizarre experiences the new norm
Why curiosity is so important
And much more!

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Ashley Holmer went to Africa as a soccer coach to help teach kids.

She left a year later with 20 acres of land in rural Tanzania and a commitment to build a school for underprivileged children.
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Ashley's journey from Oregon to Africa is nothing short of incredible.

In this show you'll learn:

How a simple trip can change your life forever
What Ashley did after being asked to build a school
Why education in rural areas is so important to the world
What life is like for a local in Tanzania who is denied education
Tips to help you with any fundraiser
Jobs and opportunities for you to help
And so much more!

Just follow your heart and do what you want to do, because there is a lot of fulfillment that can come from that.
-Ashley Holmer

Check out the Red Sweater Project.

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How you can help this week...

I'm donating $5 for every comment  we get from the caravan the week this podcast is live. Share your thoughts on the interview, why you think education is important or whatever inspires you about travel.

Leave a comment now and you'll be giving $5 to help educate kids in Tanzania!
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Red Sweater Project

To get in touch with Ashley send her an email:

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Do you love to hear crazy travel stories?

When the Zero To Travel podcast started, I had no idea it would bring together thousands of travelers from all over the world.

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Our incredible caravan of listeners has countless tales of their own to tell. That's why I'm thrilled to share the first installment of this new series:
"Stories from the Caravan"
In this episode you'll hear travel horror stories from Shawn, Amy and Ashley.

These strange tales from the road include turtles, roofies, long distance love and more. Don't delay...

Give the show a listen now.

Meet This Week's Story Tellers:
You can find Amy's work at Amy Hates Carrots.

She takes amazing photos too! Here is one:

You can find Shawn's work at Lefty Scissor and you must check out this wild paper boat project.

You can find culinary joy through Ashley's work at Grow Into Joy

Thanks Ashley, Amy and Shawn and of course to all of the listeners of this podcast.

If you haven't done so yet and you're feeling saucy, please take 2 minutes and leave an honest review on iTunes.

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"You're temporary circumstances are not your permanent identity" -Srini Rao
Srini thought he had a plan for his life, then he surfed a wave in Brazil.

After that everything changed.
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Here, the host of the uber-awesome Unmistakable Creative Podcast shares his story along with loads of advice for anybody looking to break free from their current situation or just start in a new direction.

Give it a listen now by hitting play and you'll discover:

How creating a new story for yourself can transform your life
The common thread that helps creatives succeed
Srini's advice on creating a business that allows you to travel
Why overnight successes do not exist
The importance of developing 'skills that are going to serve you down the road'
Why a finish line in life does not exist
And much more!

Check it out now by hitting play on the bar at the top of this post.
Links from the show
Umistakable Creative

Instigator Experience

The Art of Being Unmistakable

Skool of Life

People Mentioned In The Show

Mars Dorian

AJ Leon

Ashley Ambridge

Meg Warden
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As promised in the episode, here is a picture of my 'office' outside of Crested Butte, Colorado where I recorded the intro and outro for this show.

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