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Want to learn how to build a tiny house like this?...

Do you wonder if having a tiny house is right for you?

Are you looking for some inspiration and advice from an experienced tiny house owner?

In June 2012, Ethan Waldman built his beautiful tiny house on wheels in his home state of Vermont.

In this travel podcast he shares his compelling story, reveals how this unique lifestyle can create more travel and freedom in your life and will help you to decide if building a tiny house is right for you.
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Ethan's wrote his book "Tiny House Decisions" to help others struggling with the common questions surrounding tiny houses.

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In this show you will learn:

How to decide if having a tiny house is right for you
What the tiny house lifestyle is like
The #1 mistake people make when they are learning how to build a tiny house and how you can avoid it
What types of tiny houses exist and how to pick the one to match your lifestlye
Insurance issues around tiny houses
Why the current lack of regulations around tiny houses helps you
How many hours it takes to build a tiny house
Why Ethan built his tiny house on wheels
How much Ethan's house cost
How much Ethan pays monthly in bills now that his house is built
And so much more!

Leave a comment below now and share your thoughts on the show, your tiny house story or what you are think about tiny houses.
More Pictures of Ethan's Home

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