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Let's face it, we can all get a bit stressed out before a trip, I'm certainly no stranger to pre trip anxiety.

I don't speak the language!
What will happen when I arrive in a foreign country?
Where will I stay?
What should I do about my money?
What if I do something that makes me look stupid?
And on and on...

In this episode I share some common anxieties, and things you can do to take away the worry. Practical tips are fairly straight forward but here we dive deep and discuss how to deal with your brain when it comes to stressing out about travel.

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You'll learn:

How to shift your mindset to eliminate pre-trip stress
What to prepare for when you arrive in a new country
Why acknowledging you will have issues while traveling is so important
What to do when you show up anywhere with no money
How to deal with language and communication issues
When to book accommodations in advance
Why worrying about your 'stuff' is overrated
The best luggage storage solutions on the road
And much more!...

Resources from the show
Point It : Traveler's Language Trip

This Please : The Tourists Picture Dictionary

The Wordless Travel Book

TravelSmart Adapter/Converter

Money Belt

Charles Schwab Free ATM fees Worldwide


Platypus Water Bottle

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Quinn and Jonathon were stuck in their cubicles in California discussing dreams of social entrepreneurship and adventure.

Slowly, they hatched a plan for this new life that involved not only travel, but a business that could help others.

One day they took action, quit their jobs, bought a one way ticket to Nicaragua and began their journey to create something meaningful.

Now, they are able to earn a living, travel their asses off AND most importantly, help kids in developing countries get school supplies.

Does it get any better than that? 

In this engaging podcast interview they share their incredible story.

Are you ready to get insanely inspired?

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Have you considered starting a social venture? Did you enjoy this interview? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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In this episode you'll learn...

What it takes to leave a job and start a social venture
How Quinn and Jonathon figured out what they wanted to do and how you can too
Why the "Fail Fast" method is so critical to your success
What happens when you share your goals
Why they choose a for profit vs non-profit type of venture
How indefinite travel can lead you down unexpected paths
What their biggest mistake was
Why they choose to create physical products
The importance of curiosity
And so much more!...

Resources and Links
Life Out of the Box 


Entrepreneur Magazine


Laguna De Apoyo, Nicaragua


Learn more about The Paradise Pack mentioned in this show.


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It can be a challenge to stay in shape while you are traveling. Between the delicious food, the constant moving around and lack of routine it can all be hard to keep up with.

Personal Trainer Danny Kavadlo has spent years on the road himself. Here he shares his professional advice to fellow travelers and crushes myths and excuses.

This episode is short and sweet. Listen by clicking play on the bar under the photo or
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In this episode Danny shares:

How to stay fit anywhere in the world
What movement patterns are and why to focus on them
The 3 things you should do to keep your body balanced
How to handle nutrition on road
Danny's basic rule for eating right
The simple formula for statying in shape
And more....



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