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Warning: This episode may transform what you think is possible.
Micheal Wigge started with a partially eaten apple, traded one thing for another while traveling through 14 countries and ended up with a house in Hawaii!

No joke.

He bartered his way to paradise and in this interview shares not only his story, but insider secrets on how you can trade for anything anywhere in the world.

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His book How To Barter For Paradise tells the whole story. In the past Michael also traveled the world the zero money.
In this episode you'll discover:

Bartering tactics that work anywhere in the world
How you can trade anything to travel for free
Why Michael went sledding in India
How sharing your story can get you things help you would never imagine possible
What I traded for Michael on the spot
Michael's most difficult trade
When bartering should be considered
And so much more...

Here's what Michael traded me during this episode


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If you want to travel with intention and learn to know the places you visit on a deeper level, give this show a listen.
Chris Yager, founder of Where There Be Dragons has helped thousands of students over 20+ years by providing experiential education programs in developing countries.

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In this show Chris shares his one of a kind perspective on a variety of topics that will get you thinking, and may even change some of the ways you travel.  You'll hear:

How travel can act as a tool for self exploration
What the torvex is and why to avoid it
The right question to ask to seek out the secrets of any town, city or neighborhood
Where to go to get immersed in the local scene
How getting lost in a safe container can be an important strategy
Why local guides are such a great on the ground resource
Chris' technique for meeting locals and getting invited over for dinner with strangers
The importance of choosing the right perspective when things go sour
How taking time off to travel can change your life
And so much more!

* photo courtesy of thomaswanhoff 


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Getting farm work in Australia and New Zealand can be as easy as just showing up.

While traveling through Vietnam I crossed paths with a fantastic Irish couple, Becky and David.

In this episode you'll hear their on the ground experience and learn how they've been traveling for 3 years, earning money on farms and spending that money on backpacking trips through Southeast Asia, one of the most affordable pockets of the world for travelers.

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If you're looking for a way to kickstart your travels in this area of the world, give this episode a listen. You may discover this is your ticket to traveling paradise.

To listen to this episode simply hit play on the bar below the photo at the top of this post.
In this show you'll learn:

Which visa you'll need to work on farms, and how to do it without a visa
The 2 best resources for farm work online
What to say to snag a good job
Why working on a farm is a great way to make friends with fellow travelers
How much you can earn in salary on a farm
Why farm work is a great way to save money
And much more....

Harvest Trail


Working Holiday Visa New Zealand

Working Holiday Visa Australia

*photo courtesy of Jeff P , check out his work on Flickr.

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Have you ever thought about walking across america or taking off on another type of epic adventure?
Whether you are planning an extended walk, hike, bike, backpacking trip, or a longer unique journey anywhere in the world, this show will give you the tools and inspiration you need to get started and succeed in your next travel quest.

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In this podcast episode Nate Damm shares his story about his 7+ month long walk across the USA, and in the process reveals many hard earned secrets that will help you to not only plan, but also follow through with any big journey you want to take.

Stick around until the end (around 35 minutes and 45 seconds) and Nate will share 2 key pieces of advice that will surely help you push through and commit to any upcoming trip.

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In this episode you'll learn:

How Nate left behind his 'regular' life (9-5 job, bills, apartment, etc) to go on the walk and ideas for making any long trip affordable.
Why becoming a minimalist before your travel can help you transition to a life on the road.
What 3 years of wandering travel does to relationships with friends and family, the good and the bad and how travel can actually strengthen important ones.
Top tips for sleeping anywhere outside in both rural and urban areas and which houses to avoid.
Techniques for breaking down any long quest and making it doable.
Nate's lowest point on the walk and how he pushed through.
How social media can help you on any journey.
And so much more...

Want to discover new ways you can explore the planet no matter what your situation?

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Show links

How  To Walk Across America Guide by Nate Damm kindly provided for free by Nate.

Nate's website and facebook page

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