Zero To Travel Podcast

Rob Greenfield has a unique way of traveling.
Instead of following the rules, he makes his own.

Rob's adventures and the 'rules' surrounding them align with his core values because he creates them. You may want to do the same after listening to this podcast.

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I think you'll agree that Rob's journeys are anything but ordinary.

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In this inspiring episode you'll learn:

How creating 'rules' around your adventures can turn travel into an art
The strategies Rob will use to make his way home with no money from Panama to San Diego, CA
Secrets to traveling with absolutely zero money or possessions
The techniques Rob used to bike across America and create less trash than an average American does in one day
What handstands are worth in Mexico
How the share economy can get you anything you need on the road
What other forms of currency besides money can do for you
Why Rob's hardest moments made him a better person and what hardship can teach you
And much more....

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Links from this show

Rob's website -

How to make money for travel with the Share Economy


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Looking for the best travel tech options for your next trip?
Dustin Main from Too Many Adapters breaks down technology essentials for people on the go. From apps to smartphones, cameras and much more, this podcast will cover everything you need for a trip anywhere in the world.

Digital fiends and minimalists alike will take away key insights from this episode.

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In this episode you'll discover:

The reason Dustin hikes in a dress and why you should consider it too
Tips on how to prevent your travel technology from interfering with your travel experience
Why creating rules around your travel technology is a good idea
Techniques for connecting to WIFI anywhere in the world
How you can store and back up your important travel photos automatically for free
The best smartphones and cameras for traveling
How to protect your sensitive data on the road
And much more...

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Resources from this episode:



Data Protection

5 Reasons You Should Use a VPN While Traveling



Snapseed ios
Snapseed Android
Canon G16
Sony RX100 II
Nokia 1020

Speaking of photo, in addition to being one knowledgeable and nice dude, Dustin is an award winning travel photographer.

Check out these beauties and see more of his work at


Trail Wallet

Trip It Travel Planner

Trip Saver

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Want to take off, travel the world, and learn how to become a digital nomad creating your own income on the fly?
What traveler doesn’t love the idea of wandering the planet while doing something they love?

Well, that’s exactly what Rob and his wife Mish did back in March of 2012.

Starting with zero plan, they took off for 6 months abroad and haven’t looked back.

Now they riff about it on, share practical advice on being an ‘anywhereist’ and teach others about running businesses while exploring new places all over the world.

In this interview, Rob provides gets into the nuts and bolts of being a digital nomad in today’s world.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why having fun is the most important part of starting a business
How Rob and Mish made the leap from ‘regular job’ to full time travel
How making a small commitment to travel can lead to longer trips and bigger things
Rob dishes on getting inspired by travel and why you need to start a blog
How Rob’s podcast became the UK’s #1 business podcast
Rob’s two tracks to starting a globetrotting business
Thoughts on running a non-digital bricks and mortar business from the road
And much more...

Resources from this episode:

Rob and Mish's digital nomad forum

Lifestyle Business Podcast 


Coffitivity  - Cafe anywhere app

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