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Please Note: At the beginning of this travel podcast I share part of my personal story. No worries if you aren't interested, just skip ahead to the interview with Bill which starts around the 15 minute mark.
"A seasonal job can be a really good opportunity to hit the reset button if you need to."
-Bill Berg Founder Cool Works
Finding fun seasonal work is one of the best ways to kickstart any adventure.

For many people one seasonal job turns into a way of life. Yes, a job washing dishes or pumping gas could change your life (seriously!). Bill graciously shares how it changed his, and some fantastic advice as well.

Give this travel podcast a listen and you'll learn:

How seasonal jobs can transform your life in many ways
Why pumping gas in Yellowstone National Park changed Bill's life forever
What you can do to stand out from other candidates
Why seasonal jobs can be a great option for anybody of any age
Which visas to look into if you want to work in the USA but are not a citizen
How seasonal work can support your travels
Tips on which jobs will help you save more money
And much more!...

Cool Works
Visa Information (J1, H2-B, and Q1) - Permission to work in the USA for international workers.

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Happy holidays and welcome to the 1st annual Norwegian Christmas spectacular here on the Zero To Travel Podcast!
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My wife Anne Dorthe and I recorded this episode in our cabin in Engerdal, located in rural Norway roughly 4.5 hours north of Oslo.

Anne Dorthe shares what the traditional Norwegian farm Christmas is like, and even sings a little tune for us at the end of the show.

Listen to this episode now and get ready to travel to Norway for a holiday with one horse open sleighs, cakes, cookies, little santa men and much more!

Thanks for listening to the Zero To Travel Podcast and Happy Holidays my friend!

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*Note: This episode was published in 2015 but the 7 strategies I share to help you achieve your travel dreams are timeless. They apply to anyone, anywhere, anytime of any year. (that's a lot of any's!) Moving on....
Do you have a trip or destination that keeps popping up in your travel dreams?
What traveler doesn't cruise into the new year with a wish list longer than a holiday airline delay?

What if this was the year you finally went and did it!

In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, I share 7 strategies that will help you to achieve your travel dreams in 2015.

Why should you wait any longer to take your dream journey?

I promise you, this isn't just a bunch of rah rah motivational crap.

This episode was designed to ensure you take an action towards your travel dreams today.

Give it a listen now and you'll see what I mean.

Please let me know your thoughts. Did you like the advice? Was it helpful? Did you take an action?

Did you buy a plane ticket after listening?!?!

Email me or hit me on the twitter @zerototravel and let me know.

In this Zero To Travel podcast you'll learn:

7 strategies you can utilize to achieve your travel dreams no matter what your situation
How to gain enough time and money to travel
One action you can take today to make your dream trip very real
When making your goals public will work in your favor
Why traveling with a purpose may be right for you
And so much more

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This week on the Zero To Travel Podcast, award winning travel journalist Jayme Moye shares everything you need to know about breaking into the travel writing industry, getting published and building a dream career.

Jayme Moye is an accomplished professional travel writer who has won multiple awards and written hundreds of articles for over 50 different publications, including National Geographic and Men’s Journal.

Jayme doesn't hold back in this interview. She spills every industry tip and secret you need to succeed. You'll learn exactly how to get started (even with no experience) and pitch articles like a pro. Give it a listen now and you'll learn:

Exactly how to get started as an unpublished writer with no experience
The first thing you should do if you want to be a professional writer
How Jayme went from office job to world traveling professional writer
What editors are looking for and how to sell your writing
How to pitch magazines with story ideas
The best way to get your name around in the travel writing world
Why your pitches are so important
Key industry terms to make you look like an experienced pro
Inside tips from Jayme on how to become a more creative writer
And so much more!

Listen to the travel podcast interview now by hitting play on the bar above. You can also Subscribe to the Zero To Travel Podcast on iTunes.

Here are a few key points covered in this interview:
Finding Your Place To Start
For just about everyone interested in becoming a travel writer, but especially for those who don’t hail from a writing background, the biggest question is always, “where do I start?”

So let’s begin with a simple and straightforward piece of advice.


Specifically, read whatever it is that you want to be published in. The better understanding you have of the publication you’re wishing to be a part of, the more likely you’ll be able to create something fitting and desirable.

It’s also a good idea to pay close attention to which section of the magazine you’re aiming for, as well as how the magazine is structured overall. Many magazines are structured similarly with regard to their recurring departments and feature articles, so as you start to recognize the structure of one, others will become easier to breakdown too.

Once you’ve got a destination for a pitch in mind, it’s time to consider the angle you’ll be pitching from. Is the story you’ve got in mind new or a novelty? Is it feature-worthy, or better suited to a specific section of the magazine? If it’s the latter, it’s important to gather information on who the editor is for that specific section. In fact, having a specific editor to contact is always a vital part of the pitching process.
Making An Effective Pitch
Jayme abides by this rule - always pitch before you write.


Because the editor you’re writing for will be critical in determining the direction your story takes.

The editor knows better than any other person what the audience of the magazine likes and what aspects of the story will need to be up or downplayed, which is exactly why their input is so critical before you put pen to page.

But how do you make an effective pitch?

Format is everything, and in fact a universally accepted format does exist that will propel you 98% ahead of the crowd if you use it. This ideal format consists of:

✓ Including the word “pitch” in the subject line, directly followed by the story subject (for example “Pitch: The Science Behind Polar Migrations.”)
✓ Using an informal greeting, and one that includes the first name of the editor.
✓ An opening sentence that begins something like, “For your consideration…,” and a reference to the specific section you’re interested in.
✓ A strong opening paragraph on the subject of your pitch, a “hook,

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What is it like to hop in a Land Rover and drive from Europe to India?

On a recent trip to Nepal, I was slowly wandering back on a lakeside trail from a hike near the town of Pokhara when I ran into Niels and Anna, a lovely German couple.

The first thing I noticed, even before their charming smiles, was "The Dude."

Who is the dude?

This badass car is the dude!

The friendly couple were partway through an epic Land Rover overland adventure, peeling out of their home town in Germany just a few months ago and slowly making their way to India.

Immediately, the questions came pouring into my head:

What is it like to drive through the middle east?

How long does it take to plan a trip like this?

What is life like on the road?

Later in the evening we sat down for a pizza and I unloaded my brain full of questions in a very fun podcast interview. Give it a listen now by hitting play on the bar above.

You'll learn:

How a Land Rover overland trip differs from a typical backpacking experience
How long it takes to plan an epic trip like this
Where to find your vehicle
Simple measures you can take to stay safe on the road
Heartwarming stories about the kindness of strangers in Iran and throughout the overland trail
What border crossings are like
And much more!

Are you ready to travel overland?
Mentioned in this show
Niels and Anna's blog

Independent Travel Gold Overland Podcast

Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum
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Rob Greenfield is an amazing purposeful adventurer, environmental activist and master moneyless traveler.

Keep your backpack nearby, after hearing Rob in this thoughtful travel podcast interview you might just dash out the front door and have your own "adventure in simple living."

Rob shares:

How simple living makes moneyless travel possible
Why America wastes so much food and how you can help
The reason why traveling with a purpose makes free travel easier
How to travel for free without mooching
Rob's scariest moment on his moneyless journey through Central America
How to trade services for free travel
And so much more!

Resources From This Show
How To Travel America For Free (without mooching)


Photo from Rob's Website

My 1st interview with Rob

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Have you ever had a tough time getting things done while you are traveling?

Whether you are a location independent business owner or just budget traveling the world, we all have to clamp down and get certain things done at some point.

Productivity expert Mike Vardy gives us key tips and tactics so you can spend more time out in the world and less time in front of your computer screen.

In this Zero To Travel Podcast you'll learn:

How the boundaries that travel creates can actually help you instead of hurt you
The best way to manage your email
Where to store photos for safekeeping when you're on the go
What email was really intended for
Why you are smarter at the end of your day
How journaling can help you feel better about your productivity
And much more!

Resources From This Show

Workflowing - Mike's Podcast

Why The Approach Is More Important Than The Application

Away Find

Schedule Once

I own the Five Minute Journal and absolutely love it.
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Erik Weihenmayer is a living legend.

Since going blind at the age of 13, the accomplished mountaineer, adventurer and athlete has also completed such feats as climbing the 7 summits including Mt. Everest, finishing Primal Quest, the most grueling adventure races on earth, and a slew of other amazing climbing, cycling, flying and kayaking feats.

The father of 2 is also an author of 2 books ‘Touch The Top of The World – A Blind Man’s Journey To Climb Further Than The Eye Can See” and “The Adversity Advantage – Turning Everyday Struggles Into Everyday Greatness”

In this travel podcast Erik shares the story behind his latest unbelievable adventure, solo kayaking 277 miles down the Grand Canyon with his partner, Navy Veteran and fellow blind adventurer Lonnie Bedwell.

You don't want to miss this one. Hit play and listen to the interview now.

Resources From The Show

Kayaking Blind

Erik Weihenmayer

No Barriers USA

Voices For Vets

photo courtesy of Kayaking Blind

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My business partner Travis Sherry and I share the challenges and pitfalls that surround the location independent and digital nomad lifestyle.

We also announce our amazing new project, a real community where you can connect with other like minded people building, sustaining and growing their location independent lives.

Learn more about our new community Location Indie.

In this travel podcast you'll get an inside look at our personal struggles and the daily challenges that pop up when you are running a location independent business while traveling the world.

Resources From This Show
Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast
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Want to learn a variety of amazing travel skills in one short travel podcast episode?

Then you'll love our new series: Travel Tactics

Benny Lewis, a national geographic traveler of the year, helps us learn how to speak a new language from Day 1.

Travel lover Wandering Earl's Book. If you are interested in this book and click on the image you'll be directed to Wandering Earl's website which I highly recommend. When you decide to purchase the book through this affiliate link you'll be supporting the podcast at no cost to you. Thanks!" target="_blank">Wandering Earl sets the foundation for living a life of travel.

Plus, travel tech superstar Dave Dean from Too Many Adapters and I debate apple vs. pc and discuss which laptop to bring when you travel long term.

Resources Mentioned In This Show

If you are interested in this book and click on the image you'll be directed to Wandering Earl's website which I highly recommend. When you decide to purchase the book through this affiliate link you'll be supporting the podcast at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

Fluent In 3 Months International Best Selling Book by Benny Lewis

Hammocks & Hard Drives by Dave Dean

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In our last travel podcast episode of the trekking week series, three special guests share their advice and even mishaps from some of the best treks in the world.

Travis Sherry talks about getting dragged up Mt. Fuji by his wife.

Stephanie Zito gives us an overview on planing a trip up My. Kilimanjaro and what is it like to celebrate christmas at the top.

My wife Anne Dorthe shares an alternative to the Inca Trail that is less crowded but no less beautiful. It's an inside look at what it's like to walk on the Lares Trek to the stunning ruins of Machu Picchu in the sacred valley of the Peruvian Andes.
Hear More Travel Podcasts Now
Stephanie on the Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Trav and Heather on Summit of Mt. Fuji

Cover photo: Anne Dorthe at Machu Picchu

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Walking 3000km along the Te Araroa may be the grandest adventure that New Zealand has to offer.

What's it like to walk across the entire country?

Experienced thru-hiker Mike Vacek shares his story, and what it is like to live life on the trail.

Mike is also part of a small percentage of hikers who has completed the triple crown, the big 3 distance trails in the USA. He's also walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain and countless other trails.

In this exciting travel podcast interview you'll learn:

What it's like to hike the entire Te Araroa trail
Preparing for the walk and what to expect on the ground
Why the Te Araroa may not be the best option for beginner distance hikers
How you can set up your life to make time for a months long trek
Why these hikes help Mike land better jobs
Which epic trails are doable for beginner's and more seasoned veterans
Wilderness treks vs. trails that run through towns and villages
And so much more!

Resources from the show
Green Corners

Te Araroa
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Packing is an art unto itself, packing for an extended walking trip brings it's own set of unique challenges.

If trekking, or multi-day hiking, is going to be part of your next trip then it's good to come prepared.

But not, over prepared.

This travel podcast episode will teach you the basic logistics surrounding trekking, what to expect and how just a few pieces of key gear can make the difference between life and death, or simply comfort and misery.

Remember the golden rule of packing: "If you forgot it, you can buy it."


When you can't!

Don't let anything slip your mind, give this travel podcast a listen and you'll learn:

How to pack when trekking is just a small part of this trip.
3 reasons why trekking it so awesome
What to do with your other regular travel stuff when your on the trail
The #1 thing to consider when you are booking the place you stay before your trek
One simple thing that will keep everything dry when the rains sweep in
Why buying gear in the country when you arrive might be the best solution (and why it might not)
Which types of foods are the best to bring and why it doesn't have to be expensive
My highly recommended strategy for preparing for your first trek

Listen To Other Episodes On Trekking
Resources From The Show

Trekking In Patagonia Travel Podcast

The 10 Essentials

How To Choose The Right Backpack Travel Podcast With Myself and Travis

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If you've been thinking about trekking in patagonia, this is the travel podcast for you my friend!

It's trekking week on the Zero To Travel podcast, and this episode has everything you need to know to go on an adventure trekking in Patagonia.

I answer common questions like:

it hard to go trekking in Patagonia as an independent traveler? Do i need a guide?
should I bring?
there certain towns/cities that make great bases for a trekking holiday?
should I put all of my other travel stuff when I'm in the wilderness?
parts of Patagonia should I visit?
destinations are off the beaten path?
I trek the W or do the full circuit of the Torres del Paine?
I need to be an experienced backpacker or wilderness hiker?
it dangerous?

In one short episode you'll learn the answer to these question plus:

The #1 reason to visit Argentina
Advice on what food to bring on your treks
booking with outfitters before your trip is a bad idea
cheapest way to travel to patagonia
you don't need a tent
much more!

Want more trekking? Check out the Ultimate Guide To Trekking Logistics episode which provides a full overview of everything you need for an international trekking adventure.
Sunrise on Fitz Roy

Inside a Refugio
On The Summit Of Villarrica

Torres Del Paine National Park "W Trek"

Perito Moreno Glacier

Summit of Volcan Lannin

Just Another View Trekking In Patagonia

Trekking In Patagonia Resources:
Torres Del Paine National Park - Official Website

About Los Glaciers National Park

About Siete Lagus Route - Patagonia

Booking refugios for Torres Del Paine 

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Lifestyle design is a buzz word for sure, and many people poo poo the idea that you can create a location independent business that can support a traveling lifestyle you love. It seems to good to be true right?

Well, that's why I'm thrilled to bring you this podcast interview with Jesse Krieger, author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur: Live Your Dreams, Ignite Your Passion and Run Your Business From Anywhere In The World.

Jesse breaks this whole lifestyle entrepreneur and location independent thing down, in a realistic and truthful way.

This isn's about 'making money online', it's about identifying your lifestyle goals and learning very specific actionable ideas to help you achieve your goals.

Jesse give us strategies on how you can approach building your lifestyle business, realistic time frames and tactical advice.

Whether you are currently running a location independent business or just considering starting something that allows you the freedom to work and travel the world, you're going to want to hit play now and give this a listen.

You'll learn:

What the 'million dollar question' is and how it can change your life and drive your decisions
How to make tough decisions when you're paralyzed by indecision, and figure out which ideas to act on
The best definition of 'entrepreneur' I've ever heard
Why backing through Asia and building a business at the same time is a myth
The most important skills a lifestyle entrepreneur can build to become successful
Why skills and tactics are only half of what you need to consider when it comes to building a location independent business
How separating work mode and travel mode can keep you sane and balanced
Jesse's journey from actual guitar playing rock star to rock star in business
How to build a business starting from scratch
And so much more!

You can download the first 3 chapters of Jesse's book for free on his Lifestyle Entrepreneur blog. I highly recommend this book.
Resources From The Show
Lifestyle Entrepreneur Blog

Business In A Weekend

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Does your love of travel make you crazy sometimes?
Maybe it's just me, but I'll obsess over all of the places I want to go, knowing full well that I can't possibly do it all in one lifetime.

Like any addict, I need a fix. Something I can relax to on my armchair journeys.

If you can relate (and I know you can, you travel junkie you) then 'listen up!'.

I'm excited to announce a new program on the Zero To Travel podcast, our Destination Discovery Series!

This exciting new series will take you off the beaten path, giving you a entertaining and informative overview of some of the most stunning and exciting travel destinations on earth.

Plus you'll learn how to travel in each featured spot on a budget, like a local.

Your destination guide will be an expert on the region. We'll take you to paradise, sharing the hidden gems and secrets that can only be learned through on the ground experience.

Now, you can to skip all of that hard work and can plan (or just dream) about your next trip with ease.

I am kicking off this series with the unique island nation of Japan.

In this show Andres Zuleta from Boutique Japan brings us the best of this country.

Along the way he teaches us some tricks on budget travel in Japan.
Some of the amazing things you'll learn includes:

Where you can get amazing meals anywhere in Japan (hint: It's the last place you would ever think to find a fantastic meal)
Why Japan is such a great place to visit during all seasons
Various accommodation options to help you stay on budget
Top sushi spots in major areas around Japan
Which cites and towns many people skip that you absolutely MUST visit
The best rural and urban activities
When to climb Mount Fuji
Cultural faux pays and how to avoid them
The proper way to pass money and general tipping rules
And so much more!

This show is packed with value and might have you booking a flight and traveling to Japan within he hour!
Listen To More Zero To Travel Podcasts Now
Resources from the show
* Is Japan Expensive?

* The best sushi shops in Tokyo

* The 5 Best Places in Japan Most Travelers Miss

* A Guide to Tipping in Japan

* Japanese Etiquette: Tips & Taboos

* Should You Get the Japan Rail Pass?

* The Best Online Japan Trip Planning Resources

* Japan Travel FAQ

* Japan Trip Planning Cheat Sheet


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Shannon Locker is a lot of things, award winning photographer (loaded with travel photography tips of course), mother, candy lover and to top it off...she's my sister!

This episode might entertain you on a few different levels. Not only will you be regaled with tales of sibling rivalry, you'll also hear the story behind this picture:

Plus insanely actionable advice to help you come home from any trip with better photos and perfectly captured memories.

You'll learn:

Why smartphones might be the best camera to use for travelers (hint: this has nothing to do with the quality of the camera)
When to put your camera down and enjoy the moment: an ongoing debate!
The core pillars of photography that will instantly help you take better pictures
Why composition is so important
Psychology behind portrait photos and how you can use these principles to capture better pictures of people
What the rules are and when to start breaking them
Where to look for inspiration
How to ask strangers for a photo
Best practices for sharing your images on social media
Why Shannon put up with my crap growing up:)
And much more!

What are you waiting for?

Hit play and give it a listen now.

Shannon's recommended iPhone Apps


Resources From The Show
Shannon Locker's online portfolio and Facebook page and on twitter.


Listen To More Podcast Now
Select Photos from Shannon (self portrait below)

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There is a more hardcore side to budget travel that the guidebooks don't cover where activities like train hopping, punk sailing, rubber tramping, dumpster diving, and squatting are the norm.

Matt Derrick, wanderpunk and founder of Squat The Planet, has done it all.

In this adrenaline packed episode, you'll hear Matt's incredible stories, plus actionable tips that will open your eyes to a new side of budget travel.
"I don't really look at my self generally as 'homeless', I like to describe myself as 'home free'. I'm doing this intentionally."
- Matt Derrick
Hit play now and discover:

Why dumpster diving isn't as bad as it sounds
How Matt almost died train hopping
What intentional communities and gatherings are
Matt's #1 budget travel tip that can work for any style of traveler
An inside look at hitchhiking across the USA
What it's like living on a boat for six months
What rubber tramping
And much more!

Some pictures from Matt's adventures

Resources from the show

Slingshot Calendar

WWOOF International

Squat The Planet

Hear More Podcasts Now

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Grab Youu Free Guide: 5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Airbnb
Want to know how to fund your travels with your current home without spending a penny?
Airbnb is a game changer, and now you can learn how to use this service to become location independent.
Jasper Ribbers, aka The Traveling Dutchman, is the author of "Get Paid For Your Pad – How To Maximize Profits From Your Airbnb Listing.

Subscribe to the Zero To Travel Podcast on iTunes
In this incredibly actionable travel podcast interview, he shares the nitty-gritty details of how you can use your pad to make money while you travel the world.
All of Jasper's hard earned secrets are here. Hit play on the player at the top of this post now, and you'll discover:

Step by step instructions that will teach you how to turn your place into a money making machine
Why you should use Airbnb over other options and the big difference between airbnb and the hotel experience
The first thing you should do when you are getting you home ready to list
How to maximize the profits you can earn while keeping your guests happy
Systemizing your airbnb business so you can enjoy traveling instead of spending time managing your property
Why it's important to treat airbnb like your business
Insider tips on negotiating both as a traveler and a host
How to protect yourself and your space
Handling problems with guests and Jasper's recent horror story (hint: it involves an animal!)
How to build an incredible reputation within airbnb so guests will be begging to stay with you
And much more!

This episode is loaded with juicy insider information. Listen now.
Resources mentioned in this show:

The Traveling Dutchman

Get Paid For Your Pad – How To Maximize Profits From Your Airbnb Listing


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Bestselling author Chris Guillebeau is the youngest person ever to travel to every country in the world.

Yet this journey was small compared to his larger quest to help others change the world and live a remarkable life.
Subscribe to the Zero To Travel Podcast on iTunes
Do you have some big 'crazy' idea, whether it be in business, travel or life, that you just can't shake?

Something keeping you up at night but just seems too insane to go after?

In his new book, The Happiness of Pursuit, Chris shares what a quest is, why they are important and how you can go about finding the quest that will bring purpose into your life.

This inspiring travel podcast interview with Chris just might change your perspective on big ideas and audacious goals. Plus you can win a free copy of  the new book the week this podcast is live (details at the end of the show)!

During the interview you'll also learn:

What exactly a quest is and how it can change your life
The #1 thing that motivated Chris to pursue his quest to travel to every country in the world
The story of one man who walked in silence for 17 years
Common characteristics Chris sees among ‘questers’
Why you believing in your quest is the most important thing and how it will help you be successful
The importance of struggle and how it will give you confidence
Why Chris made more mistakes at the end of his quest to travel to every country of the world
How to combine travel with goal setting
The 3 things I learned from Chris that act as the foundational principles for all of my businesses
And much more!

What I find through travel is the sense of being alive. – Chris G

[Tweet "A must listen #podcast chat with @chrisguillebeau about going after big ideas. #findthequest "]
Chris is the founder of the amazing World Domination Summit which is an event that helps people answer the question: How do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world? He also wrote 2 other bestsellers, The $100 Startup and The Art of Non-Conformity.

Main image by: Stephanie D. Zito
My Top 5 All-Time Favorite Pieces By Chris
A Brief Guide To World Domination

This free manifesto hit home for me at just the right time, and verbalized the things running through my head perfectly. It's a game changer.

Why Your Should Quit Your Job and Travel Around The World

If you are in a job you don't like and want to get out and see the world, enjoy this kick in the ass. You're welcome.


You'll hear why getting lonely is 'part of the job' as an independent traveler plus Chris shares how to channel loneliness into 2 positive responses.

The Floor and the Ceiling : How Much Money is Enough

A short and powerful way to reframe your approach to money.

When You're Happy You Don't Have To Tell Anyone

The title says it all but there's much more underneath. Read it, let it sink in then put it into action sometime. You might find yourself changed forever.

Listen to more podcasts.

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In May 2014 I participated in a 546 mile hitchhiking race around Scotland.

Want to come along?

Listen to this podcast and you'll be right next to me on this adventure.

Special thanks to Gary and the NOMADS Facebook group.

A few scenes from what you are hearing in this epsiode.

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Direct download: ZTT038_Hitching_Scotland.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:54am EST

Why is travel important to you?

In this travel podcast Nathaniel Boyle from the Daily Travel Podcast and I dive deep into the mental side of travel and why imagination may be the most important quality a traveler can possess.
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Along the way, Nathaniel shares his approach to travel, why the mindset of an explorer is key and how pushing past your comfort zone can lead to the most authentic travel experiences.
Any desire to do anything in your life is an opportunity to do it right now. - Nathaniel Boyle
You'll be shocked at what happened to Nathaniel after he trespassed on a farm in New Zealand. Give the show a listen now and you'll also learn:

How to a approach a trip mentally
Nathaniel's thoughts on 'authentic' travel
What an explorer mindset means and how it can help you
How to make bizarre experiences the new norm
Why curiosity is so important
And much more!

[Tweet "Really enjoyed this discussion with @dailytravelshow on why travel matters. Check it out!"]

Hear More Zero To Travel Podcasts


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Ashley Holmer went to Africa as a soccer coach to help teach kids.

She left a year later with 20 acres of land in rural Tanzania and a commitment to build a school for underprivileged children.
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Ashley's journey from Oregon to Africa is nothing short of incredible.

In this show you'll learn:

How a simple trip can change your life forever
What Ashley did after being asked to build a school
Why education in rural areas is so important to the world
What life is like for a local in Tanzania who is denied education
Tips to help you with any fundraiser
Jobs and opportunities for you to help
And so much more!

Just follow your heart and do what you want to do, because there is a lot of fulfillment that can come from that.
-Ashley Holmer

Check out the Red Sweater Project.

[Tweet "Do you believe in the power of education? You have to give this #travel #podcast a listen "]

How you can help this week...

I'm donating $5 for every comment  we get from the caravan the week this podcast is live. Share your thoughts on the interview, why you think education is important or whatever inspires you about travel.

Leave a comment now and you'll be giving $5 to help educate kids in Tanzania!
Resources From The Show
Red Sweater Project

To get in touch with Ashley send her an email:

Volunteer or Donate to the Red Sweater Project



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Do you love to hear crazy travel stories?

When the Zero To Travel podcast started, I had no idea it would bring together thousands of travelers from all over the world.

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes
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Our incredible caravan of listeners has countless tales of their own to tell. That's why I'm thrilled to share the first installment of this new series:
"Stories from the Caravan"
In this episode you'll hear travel horror stories from Shawn, Amy and Ashley.

These strange tales from the road include turtles, roofies, long distance love and more. Don't delay...

Give the show a listen now.

Meet This Week's Story Tellers:
You can find Amy's work at Amy Hates Carrots.

She takes amazing photos too! Here is one:

You can find Shawn's work at Lefty Scissor and you must check out this wild paper boat project.

You can find culinary joy through Ashley's work at Grow Into Joy

Thanks Ashley, Amy and Shawn and of course to all of the listeners of this podcast.

If you haven't done so yet and you're feeling saucy, please take 2 minutes and leave an honest review on iTunes.

Listen to more podcasts

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"You're temporary circumstances are not your permanent identity" -Srini Rao
Srini thought he had a plan for his life, then he surfed a wave in Brazil.

After that everything changed.
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Here, the host of the uber-awesome Unmistakable Creative Podcast shares his story along with loads of advice for anybody looking to break free from their current situation or just start in a new direction.

Give it a listen now by hitting play and you'll discover:

How creating a new story for yourself can transform your life
The common thread that helps creatives succeed
Srini's advice on creating a business that allows you to travel
Why overnight successes do not exist
The importance of developing 'skills that are going to serve you down the road'
Why a finish line in life does not exist
And much more!

Check it out now by hitting play on the bar at the top of this post.
Links from the show
Umistakable Creative

Instigator Experience

The Art of Being Unmistakable

Skool of Life

People Mentioned In The Show

Mars Dorian

AJ Leon

Ashley Ambridge

Meg Warden
Listen to more Zero To Travel Podcasts
As promised in the episode, here is a picture of my 'office' outside of Crested Butte, Colorado where I recorded the intro and outro for this show.

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"It's what you do that defines you, not your limitations." -Justin Skeesuck

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There are many modes of travel you can deicide to take.

Walking. Running. Biking.

Train. Plane. Automobile.


The list goes on.

But what if you couldn't choose how you get around?

For Justin Skeesuck there is only one option...

Travel by wheelchair.

It certainly has its challenges but that doesn't seem to stop Justin. He's traveled all over the world, lived in Europe and seen more than most people have in a lifetime.

Recently Justin paired up with his best friend Patrick to complete the Camino De Santiago de Compostela (Way of St. James), a pilgrimage of over 500 miles in Spain.

In this gripping interview Justin shares his story and what it's like to travel the world in a wheelchair.

You'll hear:

How people in other cultures see disabled travelers
What it was like to hike over 500 miles on the Camino De Santiago in a wheelchair
When Justin lost the use of his legs and how he dealt with it
Why your mindset is so important to accomplishing any of your travel dreams
The logistics involved with wheelchair travel
Justin's philosophy of 'working with the problem' and how that can help you
What it's like to live in Italy and his unique experience on the ground
And so much more!...

My Favorite Quotes From Justin

On being disabled...
It's what you do that defines you, not your limitations.

I NEVER let it stop me.
On Travel...
I always had a passion for it (travel), I just needed to figure out a way to make it happen.

I just love meeting new people and that's the best part about it.
On the risks involved with disabled travel...
You just have to jump in and see how you come out on the other side.

[Tweet "Justin did the Camino de Santiago (over 500 miles!) in a wheelchair. You have to hear this inspiring #travel #podcast"]

Hear More Travel Podcasts Now

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Are you somebody who has multiple interests and passions (otherwise known as a 'multipotentialite')?
How would you feel if you could combine all of your passions into a real lifestyle business you can manage from anywhere in the world?

Location independent and a business you love (a double whammy of awesomeness)!

In this podcast Emilie Wapnick, author of Renaissance Business, breaks down how exactly to bring your passions together into a real business.

If you have ever considered creating a job that you will love while traveling the world, give this show a listen by hitting play on the bar underneath the photo at the top of this post.

Give it a listen now, and you'll learn:
Don't miss an episode! Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher Radio

What a 'multipotentialite' is and why many travelers are multipods
The first steps you should take to figure out your passions and a business model that can support them
What an overarching theme can do for you and your business
How to not get stuck in the idea phase
What Emilie did to start her Renaissance Business
Why Richard Branson may be the greatest multipotentialite of all time
Emilie's thoughts on following your 'true calling'
What to do when you are having a hard time committing to a project or business
Productivity tips for location independents and digital nomads
How and why to connect with others who are further along than you
When to outsource
The #1 mistake Emilie made with her business and how you can avoid it
And so much more!

Resources From This Show

Renaissance Business

Nerd Fitness

Marketing For Hippies

Chris Guillebeau

Internet Business Mastery

Pomodoro Technique

Simon Sinek : Start With Why Talk Ted Talk


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Direct download: ZTT032_Emilie_Puttylike.mp3
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Want to learn how to build a tiny house like this?...

Do you wonder if having a tiny house is right for you?

Are you looking for some inspiration and advice from an experienced tiny house owner?

In June 2012, Ethan Waldman built his beautiful tiny house on wheels in his home state of Vermont.

In this travel podcast he shares his compelling story, reveals how this unique lifestyle can create more travel and freedom in your life and will help you to decide if building a tiny house is right for you.
Subscribe To The Zero To Travel Podcast on iTunes
Ethan's wrote his book "Tiny House Decisions" to help others struggling with the common questions surrounding tiny houses.

Give this show a listen by hitting play on the bar underneath the picture at the top of this article.

In this show you will learn:

How to decide if having a tiny house is right for you
What the tiny house lifestyle is like
The #1 mistake people make when they are learning how to build a tiny house and how you can avoid it
What types of tiny houses exist and how to pick the one to match your lifestlye
Insurance issues around tiny houses
Why the current lack of regulations around tiny houses helps you
How many hours it takes to build a tiny house
Why Ethan built his tiny house on wheels
How much Ethan's house cost
How much Ethan pays monthly in bills now that his house is built
And so much more!

Leave a comment below now and share your thoughts on the show, your tiny house story or what you are think about tiny houses.
More Pictures of Ethan's Home

Resource from this show
Ethan's Tiny House Website
Ethan's Tiny House Community on Facebook
Tumbleweed Houses
Chris and Malissa Tack

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Have you ever asked yourself, "Where should I travel?"
It's a great problem to have for sure, but time and money are limited which can make it tough to decide.

In this podcast I share 7 things to help you decide where to go on your next trip.

Listen now and you'll discover:

When to travel when it's cheaper, great weather and there are less tourists around
How to reverse engineer your decision based on your interests
Why more expensive flights don't necessarily mean a more expensive trip
What time off can mean for your decision
Why your plans before or after your trip might decide the trip itself
The 10 day rule and how to apply it in your travel life
Why your bucket list might be the deciding factor (and why it may not be)
And much more!

Listen now by hitting play on the bar below the picture on top.

Love travel?

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Resources from this show

ITA Matrix
Trees Water People
Iceland Air Free Stopovers

*photo courtesy of Denise Krebs on Flickr

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Do you love to meet other people when you are traveling?

One of the best parts about any trip is the people you meet along the way. These interactions create the memories that last a lifetime.
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Whether meeting people comes naturally or it makes you a nervous wreck consider this...

Creating authentic connections with others is a skill that you can build and utilize to enhance your entire travel experience.

Enter Jordan Harbinger.

At The Art of Charm Jordan teaches people how to use proven psychological principles to become masters of their social environments.

These same principles can be carried anywhere in the world, allowing you to truly connect with as many interesting people as you'd like on the road.

Additionally, Jordan leads groups to the mysterious nation of North Korea. Here he shares his stories from the ground in this little visited destination.

Kimberly Seltzer also joins us in this episode to offer the female perspective on travel, connecting, dating and plenty more.

In this podcast you'll discover:

How improving your skills in social dynamics can help any traveler
The difference between manipulation and persuasion
Why non-verbal communication is so important
What your body positioning during interactions tells others
Dating tips on the road
Why 'riding dirty' works better than having a clear agenda
What it is like to travel in North Korea
How social dynamic can save you money by helping you be a better negotiator
And heaps more!

Listen now!

Resources from the show

The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm Podcast

Elite Image Makeovers

How To Go To North Korea

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Listen to this podcast on hitchhiking now by hitting play on the bar below.

Hitchhiking is a truly unique form of traveling that can conjure up all types of mental images depending on your experience.

Bad hollywood movies along with stern warnings about talking to strangers growing up would have us believe that hitchhiking is the most dangerous form of travel in the world.

The reality is, hitchhiking is an exciting, affordable and still popular way to travel.

A growing community of hitchhikers are connecting online at, a free resource with maps, information on hitchgatherings (worldwide hitchhiking events), advice for pros and newbies and so much more.

In this travel podcast interview you'll hear the inside scoop on hitchhiking from the crew at

You'll learn:

The truth about hitchhiking
What the best countries are for hitchhiking
Pros and cons of solo and group hitchhiking
What hitchgatherings are and why to consider going to one
How hitching helps you connect with locals
Why taking a short trip first is so helpful for beginners
Getting rides at gas stations versus thumbing it on the road
The best places to ask your driver to get dropped off
Which countries are the safest and easiest for hitchhiking
And so much more!

Check out, the best online resource for hitchhiking.

The post Hitchhiking: Myths, Facts and Beyond appeared first on Zero to Travel.

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Want to learn how to become a roadie, get paid to travel and see the world?

Would you like to get behind the scenes and hear what it's like working on a music tour?
This podcast is your all access backstage pass!
Ryan from This Tour Life has toured for 15+ years with acts like Jack White, Beck and Arcade Fire just to name a few.

In this interview he shares exactly how to become a roadie and break into music touring using simple backdoor strategies that require little to no experience.
Listen to this podcast now by clicking play below:

Want to hear more podcasts that will help you travel the world on your terms?
Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher Radio now.
Don't miss this episode, it's full of juicy tour advice and backstage stories you can only get from somebody on the inside. You'll discover:

How Ryan started in a low level position that eventually lead to a tour with Beck and how you can use the same strategy.
How to become a roadie by working with production companies or local venues
What Ryan did when Mick Jagger bumped into him (you'll have to wait for the end to hear this!)
Why taking a break from touring does no affect your ability to build a career
What roadie jobs pay
The single most important key to being successful on tour and always having work
What it is like to be the guitar tech for Jack White
Why you should target smaller bands
What makes the music business so unforgiving
Learn key industry terminology to help you speak the lingo
And so much more!

Want to help a friend learn how to become a roadie? Tweet this:

[Tweet "Want to learn how to become a roadie and work on a music tour? Listen to this #travel #podcast "]

I also share one way to break into music touring in my Free Travel Blueprint. Just enter your email in the form below to check it out.

What did you think of the interview? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
Pictures of Ryan on Tour

Resources from this show:
This Tour Life


Live Nation


Full Sail

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Dave Sperling is nothing short of a legend. He started Dave's ESL Cafe to empower students to learn English and teachers to find work around the world in 1995 and it's still going stronger than ever.
Listen to this engaging interview with Dave now:

In this podcast Dave shares his personal story and provides crazy actionable advice on travel and teaching English Abroad in the present day.

Safe to say, Dave is the foremost expert on Teaching English Abroad so give this a listen and soak up his decades of knowledge in under an hour.

He's also one heckuva nice guy and I know you'll enjoy his travel stories.

You'll learn:

Learn how Dave got started and what his website has done to empower travelers
Why Dave ended up calling his site a 'cafe'
What it was like traveling in the middle east in the 1970's
Why teaching English abroad was a dream job
How the ESL Cafe was built in the early days
The important transition between teaching and entreprenurship
Hear the important questions you need to ask yourself when deciding if you should teach English abroad
Which qualifications and certifications to get and where to teach
The pros and cons of getting your certification abroad
Dave's take on online certification courses
Teaching hot spots worldwide
And so much more

Resources from the show
Dave's ESL Cafe


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Let's face it, we can all get a bit stressed out before a trip, I'm certainly no stranger to pre trip anxiety.

I don't speak the language!
What will happen when I arrive in a foreign country?
Where will I stay?
What should I do about my money?
What if I do something that makes me look stupid?
And on and on...

In this episode I share some common anxieties, and things you can do to take away the worry. Practical tips are fairly straight forward but here we dive deep and discuss how to deal with your brain when it comes to stressing out about travel.

Listen to the show now:

You'll learn:

How to shift your mindset to eliminate pre-trip stress
What to prepare for when you arrive in a new country
Why acknowledging you will have issues while traveling is so important
What to do when you show up anywhere with no money
How to deal with language and communication issues
When to book accommodations in advance
Why worrying about your 'stuff' is overrated
The best luggage storage solutions on the road
And much more!...

Resources from the show
Point It : Traveler's Language Trip

This Please : The Tourists Picture Dictionary

The Wordless Travel Book

TravelSmart Adapter/Converter

Money Belt

Charles Schwab Free ATM fees Worldwide


Platypus Water Bottle

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Quinn and Jonathon were stuck in their cubicles in California discussing dreams of social entrepreneurship and adventure.

Slowly, they hatched a plan for this new life that involved not only travel, but a business that could help others.

One day they took action, quit their jobs, bought a one way ticket to Nicaragua and began their journey to create something meaningful.

Now, they are able to earn a living, travel their asses off AND most importantly, help kids in developing countries get school supplies.

Does it get any better than that? 

In this engaging podcast interview they share their incredible story.

Are you ready to get insanely inspired?

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or listen to the podcast now by clicking play here:

Have you considered starting a social venture? Did you enjoy this interview? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Tweet "just got totally inspired by this #travel #podcast with @lifeoutofthebox"]
In this episode you'll learn...

What it takes to leave a job and start a social venture
How Quinn and Jonathon figured out what they wanted to do and how you can too
Why the "Fail Fast" method is so critical to your success
What happens when you share your goals
Why they choose a for profit vs non-profit type of venture
How indefinite travel can lead you down unexpected paths
What their biggest mistake was
Why they choose to create physical products
The importance of curiosity
And so much more!...

Resources and Links
Life Out of the Box 


Entrepreneur Magazine


Laguna De Apoyo, Nicaragua


Learn more about The Paradise Pack mentioned in this show.


The post Social Entrepreneurship and Life Out of the Box appeared first on Zero to Travel.

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It can be a challenge to stay in shape while you are traveling. Between the delicious food, the constant moving around and lack of routine it can all be hard to keep up with.

Personal Trainer Danny Kavadlo has spent years on the road himself. Here he shares his professional advice to fellow travelers and crushes myths and excuses.

This episode is short and sweet. Listen by clicking play on the bar under the photo or
Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes
In this episode Danny shares:

How to stay fit anywhere in the world
What movement patterns are and why to focus on them
The 3 things you should do to keep your body balanced
How to handle nutrition on road
Danny's basic rule for eating right
The simple formula for statying in shape
And more....



The post How To Stay Fit While Traveling appeared first on Zero to Travel.

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Trying to figure out what volunteer opportunity to choose can be a very confusing and difficult process. Finding volunteer projects on your own so you don't have to pay to volunteer is even more challenging.

How do you know that the organization is doing good work? Will the project be the right fit for you?

In this podcast episode, Shannon O'Donnell, author of The Volunteer Traveler's Handbook, shares the secrets on how to find ethical international volunteering opportunities to help you find your own perfect volunteer project at no cost anywhere in the world.

Shannon has been traveling the world and volunteering abroad since 2008. Give this interview a listen.  She shares incredibly actionable advice and tips on how to find and choose the right volunteer opportunity for you and what to expect.

Click play on the bar under the main picture to hear this podcast or:
Subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes
Shannon also shares why she created her global volunteer network, Grassroots Volunteering, and how it can help you find the perfect project.

In this episode you'll discover:

How to avoid spending thousands of dollars and volunteer at no cost
What ethical volunteering means
How to decide what opportunities are right for you
Why researching beforehand is important
What questions to ask any organization to ensure they are a good to work with
How to show up anywhere in the world and find volunteer work
What makes you the 'Volunteer from hell" and how to avoid it
How spending money on regular services can be a form of volunteering
And so much more!...

Grassroots Volunteering - Free Global Volunteer Network

The Volunteer Travelers Handbook - The Ultimate Guide to Volunteering Abroad

Shannon's current volunteer work in Africa

The post A Beginner’s Guide To Volunteering, A Free Global Volunteer Network And More appeared first on Zero to Travel.

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Interested in building a location independent business?
Sean Ogle from Location180 is your man.

Being location independent simply means that you can work from anywhere in the world.

It can be the perfect type of business for travelers to start.

In this podcast Sean shares some key strategies and tips that can help newbies and established location independent entrepreneurs alike.

Want to build a location independent business around something you love while traveling the world?

Then you'll want to give this show listen. Just click play on the bar under the main picture.

In this episode you'll learn:

How uncertainty held Sean back and how he overcame it
Advice on leaving your job or pitching a 'remote work' agreement
The biggest struggle you'll have working for yourself
FInding mentors and when it's important
The single most important thing you can do today if you want to be location independent
Why setting small milestones is so important
Advantages and disadvantages on using your name vs. building a brand
Discover the next big trends in location independent business
Why starting a blog is critical to skill building and connecting
The proven framework of location independent business
How to freelance your skills
#1 place to find freelance work (Hint: It's OFFLINE)
How to navigate partnerships
The single most important thing you can do to get started today
And much more!

Location180 - Sean's Website Beginner's Guide To SEO


Influence - Persuasion

Copyblogger - Copy Writing

oDesk and elance - For freelancing

The post Location Independent Business : Work From Anywhere appeared first on Zero to Travel.

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Category: -- posted at: 10:40am EST

Being legally blind didn't stop Tauru and Christi from traveling the world.
But that was just the beginning...

In 2012 the couple decided to purchase a tandem bicycle, pedal 16,000 miles from Ushuaia, Argentina to Alaska and inspire people with vision impairment along the way.

16,000 miles.

Legally blind.

On a tandem bicycle.

Just let that soak in for a minute.

Ready to hear their story?

Warning: This episode might make you question any doubts or fears you ever had. You may realize that anything is possible when you have the will to accomplish it.

Click the play bar below the picture on top and listen to this engaging podcast interview or:
Subscribe to the Zero To Travel Podcast on iTunes
In this episode you'll discover:

How Tauru and Christi are able to ride a bicycle while legally blind
Why going without a lot of information might be a better way to travel
How they saw their visual impairment as an advantage
The reason they were able to meet so many locals and spread their message organically
What they did to work around their blindness
One of the most amazing 'kindness' moments along their journey
Why looking at the positives and avoiding the fears is essential
When avoiding certain areas is a smart strategy
And heaps more...

This episode will make you want to take off tomorrow due to Tauru and Christi's infectious positive attitude. Give it a listen now!

Resources from the show

Two Blind To Ride - Tauru and Christi's website

Adventure Cycling Association

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If you want the skills to bike anywhere in the world let this episode be your adventure cycle touring guide.
Ethan and Dan break down adventure cycling essentials for newbies. It's loaded with insights, practical tips and gear recommendations that you can only learn by putting rubber to cement. (Listen to other Zero To Travel podcasts here or subscribe on iTunes) Just click on the play button under the photo at the top of this post. Bookmark this page for reference if it helps. After listening you'll be completely prepared and fired up to hit the road.
In this episode , and you'll learn:

How much gear costs and what you can expect to spend on a cycle tour
What types of bikes to consider and how to get going on the cheap (without sacrificing comfort)
The pros and cons of trailers and panniers
How the weight and location of your load affects your ride and what to consider
Why google docs is the perfect tool for planning group adventures (hint: this is the perfect solution for any trip!)
What you need to protect your body
The one creature comfort you simply can't live without on a cycling tour
Options for traveling with your bike
How to do it on the cheap
And oh so much more!

[Tweet "Want to get travel by pedal bike? This #travel #podcast can help you get rolling"]
Adventure Cycling Association

Warm Showers - A community for touring cyclists and hosts

Bike Flights - Shipping solutions for your bike

Cloud Coach - 'Tiny Services' for Entrepreneurs

Ethan's Tiny House Facebook Page

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One man, every country, no flights...when it comes to Independent Travel Graham Hughes has done it all.
He holds the Guinness World Record for being the only man on earth to accomplish this feat of travel strength. Not only that, he did it on a shoestring budget. It took him 4 wild years, and I guarantee you'll be surprised to hear what he has to say about his epic adventure.

(To hear the interview click play on the bar under the main picture above) or...
Subscribe to the Zero To Travel Podcast on iTunes

In this episode Graham shares not only tales from his adventures, but priceless advice that can help any independent traveler navigate the world safely and on a small budget. If you are the type of person that likes to improve your travel skills, you won't want to pass this up.

[Tweet "I loved this #podcast with travel legend @Everycountry. A must listen for independent travelers"]

Listening to this interview is like plugging into the Matrix and downloading some of the most valuable independent travel tips you've ever heard. Graham shares so many crazy stories then about 25 minutes in we get into the actionable advice and tips. It's pure travel gold.
In this episode you'll learn:

How creating a story can be the single most important ingredient to accomplishing any travel goals.
Techniques Graham used to travel the world on a shoestring budget of just $100/week
Strategies you can utilize to avoid paying bribes worldwide
What he carried in his 'secret pouch' and how this single tip can keep you safe out on the road.
How to add another layer of safety while traveling, this is huge!
Where to keep expensive electronics on the road and how to hide your personal possessions in plain site
Graham's two mobile phone technique that got him out of prison in Congo (Hint: This one idea could easily save your ass in a sticky situation)
One simple trick to save on a nights accommodation, just this one tip is worth the time investment to listen.
Graham's high and low points
And so much more...

Resources From the Show
The Odyssey Expedition - Highly Recommended! This is where Graham recorded all of his adventures during his around the world journey.

Graham's personal website

Water Aid Charity - Help by Donating to Graham's Campaign

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If you would love to travel the world and stay everywhere for free, then this episode on international house sitting is for you!
Nat and Jodi from have traveled all over the world and lived for free in places like Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, France and America.

In this podcast they share the inside secrets you need to launch or level up your house sitting career.

You'll learn insanely useful stuff that only comes from experience.

Hit the play bar now and discover:

How anybody can get into house sitting regardless of experience or age
Why setting a strong intention is so important
One idea that can get you started right away, and why this is more important than the how's
Why you may have already been a house sitter and how that can help you land your first house sitting gig
When house sitting is like getting a job
The key platform you need to know to travel and house sit
Best practices for writing your profile on house sitting websites that will land you the best spots
How to create an email subject header that will help you grab your dream house sit
Nad and Jodi's recommended perfect amount of time to commit to a house sit
The single most important part of choosing a house sitting job
Why house sitting makes you a local
And so much more...

Resources from the show
Nat and Jodi's website International House Sitting

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Can solo travel or any type of extended journey be a path to deep personal healing?
What you'll hear in the podcast may surprise you.

Singaporean filmmaker Malika went on a solo travel journey through Europe and South America for 3 years, ending up deep in the Peruvian jungle with Shamans and an experience with a controversial alternative medicine.

After leaving the jungle she'd never be the same.

After hearing this interview you may not be either. There are great insights here that any traveler can take away.
Support Malika's film on indiegogo before April 1st 2014!
In this episode you'll learn how Malika's journey lead to her healing. You'll also discover:

How slowly pushing past your comfort zone can be a great path to bigger adventures
Malika's childhood secret which lead her on this solo travel journey
Why travel may be the greatest education you can get
What it's like to go through a spiritual ritual in the Peruvian jungle
How Malika's trip lead to the discovery of her purpose and how it can do the same for anybody
Why being open leads to a more organic travel experience
And much more...

It's a powerful interview. I hope you enjoy it.

[Tweet "Inspiring and powerful story about one woman's travels to heal from a secret "]
Notes from the show
Arkayana: A Healing Journey Into the Amazon on indiegogo

Malika on Facebook and her website La Loca Colectiva

What is Ayahuasca

The Busking Project

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Wandering Earl has been traveling for 5000+ days straight!
Earl's travel experience is vast, yet he seems to treat each experience as if it's his first day on the road.

In this show Earl shares how to work on a cruise ship....but this podcast has oh so much more.

One short story from this show involves Earl's run in with the Taliban while traveling through Pakistan.

You won't want to miss this.

There are some golden nugget in this interview so give it a listen. Hit the play button under the photo above now, sit back, relax and soak in this show.
In this episode you'll learn:

The one thing that would have made Earl quit traveling a long time ago
How Earl has been able to afford traveling for over a decade
How Earl wiggled his way out of a sticky situation with the Taliban (stay tuned until the end for this story!)
Why a traveler's attitude dictates their interactions and the importance of staying open
What got Earl wandering years ago and how he hustled to stay on the road in the beginning
Why getting out on the road is better than researching online and the reason it creates countless work opportunities
If cruise ship jobs are right for you
How to work on a cruise ship
Where to apply for cruise ship jobs without spending money
The #1 thing to avoid when applying for cruise ship jobs
The most important thing cruise ships want to know and how it's different than applying for a 'regular job' on land
What cruise ship jobs pay
Why studying before your interview can be the best thing you can to do land the job
The upside of living in Bucharest, Earl's current temporary home
And so much more...

You can also subscribe to this show in iTunes

Earl nailed this and provide so much great info, give him some love by tweeting this

[Tweet "Amazing #podcast interview with @wanderingearl! Hear how he has traveled for so long and more "]
Resources from this show
Wandering Earl

Work on a Cruise Ship (Earl's book)

Wandering Earl Tours

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Want to learn how to hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) with no camping, hiking or wilderness experience?
Jeff Chow mapped the entire Appalachian Trail for Backpacker magazine. Before he hiked 2000+ miles he had virtually no wilderness camping experience.

If you are ready to feel the freedom of the trail and learn how a long distance hike on the AT can change your life you'll want to hit play on the bar (below the top picture) and give this exciting episode a listen.

Jeff's story will empower any aspiring distance or thru hiker to conquer their fears and live out their dreams of hiking the AT no matter how little time you've spent sleeping under the stars.

[Tweet "Loved this #podcast on how  to #hike the Appalachian Trail with zero experience"]
In this engaging podcast you'll learn:

How a simple contest scored Jeff a dream job, hiking the AT and getting paid to map it
Why starting any club or group is an incredible way to start living your dreams, and why limited experience shouldn't stop you
The strategy for hiking the AT safely
How the simplicity of life on the trail can change you
Why the Appalachian Trail is safer and easier than other distance trails
What the community is like on a long distance hike
The social side of the trail and what it is like to travel on foot in rural America
A first hand account of trail life
And so much more...

Resources from this show include:
Jeff Chow online

Backpacker Magazine's Appalachian Trail Resource Area - A comprehensive resource for the AT

*All Photos Courtesy of Jeff Chow


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Warning: This episode may transform what you think is possible.
Micheal Wigge started with a partially eaten apple, traded one thing for another while traveling through 14 countries and ended up with a house in Hawaii!

No joke.

He bartered his way to paradise and in this interview shares not only his story, but insider secrets on how you can trade for anything anywhere in the world.

[Tweet "Want to know how 1 man traded an apple for a house in hawaii? check out this gem"]

His book How To Barter For Paradise tells the whole story. In the past Michael also traveled the world the zero money.
In this episode you'll discover:

Bartering tactics that work anywhere in the world
How you can trade anything to travel for free
Why Michael went sledding in India
How sharing your story can get you things help you would never imagine possible
What I traded for Michael on the spot
Michael's most difficult trade
When bartering should be considered
And so much more...

Here's what Michael traded me during this episode


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If you want to travel with intention and learn to know the places you visit on a deeper level, give this show a listen.
Chris Yager, founder of Where There Be Dragons has helped thousands of students over 20+ years by providing experiential education programs in developing countries.

[Tweet "Really enjoyed this @zerototravel #podcast and I think you will too."]

In this show Chris shares his one of a kind perspective on a variety of topics that will get you thinking, and may even change some of the ways you travel.  You'll hear:

How travel can act as a tool for self exploration
What the torvex is and why to avoid it
The right question to ask to seek out the secrets of any town, city or neighborhood
Where to go to get immersed in the local scene
How getting lost in a safe container can be an important strategy
Why local guides are such a great on the ground resource
Chris' technique for meeting locals and getting invited over for dinner with strangers
The importance of choosing the right perspective when things go sour
How taking time off to travel can change your life
And so much more!

* photo courtesy of thomaswanhoff 


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Getting farm work in Australia and New Zealand can be as easy as just showing up.

While traveling through Vietnam I crossed paths with a fantastic Irish couple, Becky and David.

In this episode you'll hear their on the ground experience and learn how they've been traveling for 3 years, earning money on farms and spending that money on backpacking trips through Southeast Asia, one of the most affordable pockets of the world for travelers.

[Tweet "Interested in getting farm work in Australia as a way to #travel? Listen to this @zerototravel podcast "]

If you're looking for a way to kickstart your travels in this area of the world, give this episode a listen. You may discover this is your ticket to traveling paradise.

To listen to this episode simply hit play on the bar below the photo at the top of this post.
In this show you'll learn:

Which visa you'll need to work on farms, and how to do it without a visa
The 2 best resources for farm work online
What to say to snag a good job
Why working on a farm is a great way to make friends with fellow travelers
How much you can earn in salary on a farm
Why farm work is a great way to save money
And much more....

Harvest Trail


Working Holiday Visa New Zealand

Working Holiday Visa Australia

*photo courtesy of Jeff P , check out his work on Flickr.

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Have you ever thought about walking across america or taking off on another type of epic adventure?
Whether you are planning an extended walk, hike, bike, backpacking trip, or a longer unique journey anywhere in the world, this show will give you the tools and inspiration you need to get started and succeed in your next travel quest.

To hear this or any podcast subscribe in iTunes or simply click play on the bar above (just under the picture) to hear this episode now.

In this podcast episode Nate Damm shares his story about his 7+ month long walk across the USA, and in the process reveals many hard earned secrets that will help you to not only plan, but also follow through with any big journey you want to take.

Stick around until the end (around 35 minutes and 45 seconds) and Nate will share 2 key pieces of advice that will surely help you push through and commit to any upcoming trip.

[Tweet "Just listened to the @zerototravel podcast about walking across america with @whereisnate. "]
In this episode you'll learn:

How Nate left behind his 'regular' life (9-5 job, bills, apartment, etc) to go on the walk and ideas for making any long trip affordable.
Why becoming a minimalist before your travel can help you transition to a life on the road.
What 3 years of wandering travel does to relationships with friends and family, the good and the bad and how travel can actually strengthen important ones.
Top tips for sleeping anywhere outside in both rural and urban areas and which houses to avoid.
Techniques for breaking down any long quest and making it doable.
Nate's lowest point on the walk and how he pushed through.
How social media can help you on any journey.
And so much more...

Want to discover new ways you can explore the planet no matter what your situation?

Join the ZTT community for insider tips (just go to the home page and enter your info) and you can also subscribe to the Zero To Travel podcast on iTunes.

Show links

How  To Walk Across America Guide by Nate Damm kindly provided for free by Nate.

Nate's website and facebook page

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Rob Greenfield has a unique way of traveling.
Instead of following the rules, he makes his own.

Rob's adventures and the 'rules' surrounding them align with his core values because he creates them. You may want to do the same after listening to this podcast.

To listen now simply hit play on the bar above this post.

I think you'll agree that Rob's journeys are anything but ordinary.

[Tweet "check out the @zerototravel podcast with @robjgreenfield #sharemywayhome"]
In this inspiring episode you'll learn:

How creating 'rules' around your adventures can turn travel into an art
The strategies Rob will use to make his way home with no money from Panama to San Diego, CA
Secrets to traveling with absolutely zero money or possessions
The techniques Rob used to bike across America and create less trash than an average American does in one day
What handstands are worth in Mexico
How the share economy can get you anything you need on the road
What other forms of currency besides money can do for you
Why Rob's hardest moments made him a better person and what hardship can teach you
And much more....

Can't get enough about traveling?

Subscribe to the Zero To Travel podcast on iTunes.

Links from this show

Rob's website -

How to make money for travel with the Share Economy


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Looking for the best travel tech options for your next trip?
Dustin Main from Too Many Adapters breaks down technology essentials for people on the go. From apps to smartphones, cameras and much more, this podcast will cover everything you need for a trip anywhere in the world.

Digital fiends and minimalists alike will take away key insights from this episode.

Give it a listen by hitting play on the bar at the top of this post!

In this episode you'll discover:

The reason Dustin hikes in a dress and why you should consider it too
Tips on how to prevent your travel technology from interfering with your travel experience
Why creating rules around your travel technology is a good idea
Techniques for connecting to WIFI anywhere in the world
How you can store and back up your important travel photos automatically for free
The best smartphones and cameras for traveling
How to protect your sensitive data on the road
And much more...

[Tweet "Just listened to the @zerototravel podcast with @dustinmain. Into travel tech? Check this out."]

Resources from this episode:



Data Protection

5 Reasons You Should Use a VPN While Traveling



Snapseed ios
Snapseed Android
Canon G16
Sony RX100 II
Nokia 1020

Speaking of photo, in addition to being one knowledgeable and nice dude, Dustin is an award winning travel photographer.

Check out these beauties and see more of his work at


Trail Wallet

Trip It Travel Planner

Trip Saver

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Want to take off, travel the world, and learn how to become a digital nomad creating your own income on the fly?
What traveler doesn’t love the idea of wandering the planet while doing something they love?

Well, that’s exactly what Rob and his wife Mish did back in March of 2012.

Starting with zero plan, they took off for 6 months abroad and haven’t looked back.

Now they riff about it on, share practical advice on being an ‘anywhereist’ and teach others about running businesses while exploring new places all over the world.

In this interview, Rob provides gets into the nuts and bolts of being a digital nomad in today’s world.

Give it a listen by hitting play on the bar at the top of this post!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why having fun is the most important part of starting a business
How Rob and Mish made the leap from ‘regular job’ to full time travel
How making a small commitment to travel can lead to longer trips and bigger things
Rob dishes on getting inspired by travel and why you need to start a blog
How Rob’s podcast became the UK’s #1 business podcast
Rob’s two tracks to starting a globetrotting business
Thoughts on running a non-digital bricks and mortar business from the road
And much more...

Resources from this episode:

Rob and Mish's digital nomad forum

Lifestyle Business Podcast 


Coffitivity  - Cafe anywhere app

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