Zero To Travel Podcast

Get ready for Travel Photography 101!

What is your relationship with photography and travel?

Do you love taking pictures while you’re out on the road?

Should you take a photo or just enjoy the moment?

Today you'll get some amazing insights from travel photographer extraordinaire Travis Longmore. He wanders the globe in search of the perfect photo and also hosts the never ending nomad podcast.

Some basics of the course:

  • A guide on how you can take better photos on your journeys
  • The simple elements of framing and composition
  • Dispelling myths around travel photography and photography in general
  • Tips on how to break into the travel photography business
  • And much more!

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What You'll Learn in Travel Photography 101:

  • How to tell a story with your photos
  • The realities of being a travel photographer
  • The best time of day to take photos (think Golden and Blue)
  • Why being uncomfortable will get you the best photo
  • Why learning the 'rule of thirds' is a good idea
  • Some basic gear recommendations
  • How to get permission to take that unforgettable shot of a stranger
  • Why you regret the photo you didn't take
  • 3 camera settings you need to master (to become a really good photographer)
  • The difference between a professional photographer and an amateur


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