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Do you love to meet other people when you are traveling?

One of the best parts about any trip is the people you meet along the way. These interactions create the memories that last a lifetime.
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Whether meeting people comes naturally or it makes you a nervous wreck consider this...

Creating authentic connections with others is a skill that you can build and utilize to enhance your entire travel experience.

Enter Jordan Harbinger.

At The Art of Charm Jordan teaches people how to use proven psychological principles to become masters of their social environments.

These same principles can be carried anywhere in the world, allowing you to truly connect with as many interestingĀ people as you'd like on the road.

Additionally, Jordan leads groupsĀ to the mysterious nation of North Korea. Here he shares his stories from the ground in this little visited destination.

Kimberly Seltzer also joins us in this episode to offer the female perspective on travel, connecting, dating and plenty more.

In this podcast you'll discover:

How improving your skills in social dynamics can help any traveler
The difference between manipulation and persuasion
Why non-verbal communication is so important
What your body positioning during interactions tells others
Dating tips on the road
Why 'riding dirty' works better than having a clear agenda
What it is like to travel in North Korea
How social dynamic can save you money by helping you be a better negotiator
And heaps more!

Listen now!

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