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Have you ever had a tough time getting things done while you are traveling?

Whether you are a location independent business owner or just budget traveling the world, we all have to clamp down and get certain things done at some point.

Productivity expert Mike Vardy gives us key tips and tactics so you can spend more time out in the world and less time in front of your computer screen.

In this Zero To Travel Podcast you'll learn:

How the boundaries that travel creates can actually help you instead of hurt you
The best way to manage your email
Where to store photos for safekeeping when you're on the go
What email was really intended for
Why you are smarter at the end of your day
How journaling can help you feel better about your productivity
And much more!

Resources From This Show

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Why The Approach Is More Important Than The Application

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I own the Five Minute Journal and absolutely love it.
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