Zero To Travel Podcast

Do you want to learn the truth behind what it takes to go from Zero to Location Independent so you can do it too?

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Day 5 of the Zero to Location Independent Challenge is here. You've made it. Congratulations. You are about to start a location independent business my friend (in 5 days!).

It's time to take the leap. You have the list, you know what you are putting out there. Now it is time to do it...

You'll Learn:

  • How to get you used to putting yourself out there
  • Ways to pick up momentum when first starting
  • How to make your service or offer a real thing
  • What the best businesses do for people
  • One thing to get you excited to create stuff (and put it out there)
  • How to get people excited to pay you
  • How to earn trust
  • Why you shouldn't be afraid to do something different (experiment)


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