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Do you want to learn the truth behind what it takes to go from Zero to Location Independent so you can do it too?

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In this guide, you’ll hear from 10 different travelers with 10 different types of location independent businesses. You'll get their inside strategies and tips and I’ve taken the best of those lessons and put them into one guide for you!

Today is Day 3 of the Zero to Location Independent Challenge. The trail map continues to get the ball rolling and help you go Zero To Location Independent fast!

Let's figure out what kind of value you can offer to get your first client and get your first location indie dollar.

You'll Learn:

  • One of the most exciting things about being location independent
  • What you can learn through the journey to location independence
  • Ways to feel more comfortable reaching out to people
  • The very powerful concept to take the pressure off of you
  • The only thing you need to remember when it comes to structuring an offer
  • Why you can't underestimate emotional value
  • How to create an offer that fits your personality
  • The best ways to get conversations going


Be sure to start with Day 1 and go in order:
Click here to access Zero To Location Independent Challenge (Day 1)
Click here to access Zero To Location Independent Challenge (Day 2)

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