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Do you want to learn the truth behind what it takes to go from Zero to Location Independent so you can do it too?

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Today is Day 1 of the Zero to Location Independent Challenge.  Come along with me on this 5 part mini-series journey giving you the time and space to explore the whole idea of being location independent.

You'll get a trail map to start today and continue to learn and grow over the next 5 days. Trust the process and do it in a way that feels good to you.

Today you'll hear about about mindset and intention. Let's go Location Independent!

You'll Learn:

  • The benefits of location independence
  • How to start on the path toward location independence
  • Ways to banish all excuses forever
  • How to set your intention
  • The ideal day exercise
  • How to figure out what is holding you back (and how to persevere)
  • How to completely decimate excuses (and get rid of them)


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