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Want to learn a variety of amazing travel skills in one short travel podcast episode?

Then you'll love our ongoing series: Travel Tactics.

Today, you'll hear travel lover Wandering Earl tells us how to make money using the skills we've already got.

Travel tech superstar Dave Dean from Too Many Adapters explains why you shouldn't take your laptop on your travels and what to use instead.

And Benny Lewis, a national geographic traveler of the year, helps us get over the fear of speaking a foreign language.

Give it a listen now!

In this episode, you'll learn:

How to earn money with the skills you’ve already got
The lesser-known benefit of meeting people while you’re traveling
The importance of finding your own travel style
Why you probably shouldn’t take your laptop with you when you travel
How to store your travel photos on your smart phone
Why you’re not too old to learn a language
How to get over the fear of speaking a foreign language
How to remember foreign words

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Wandering Earl
How to Live a Life of Travel
Steal Like an Artist
What’s Dave Doing?
Hammocks & Hard Drives
Fluent in 3 Months

When you decide to purchase Wandering Earl's book through my affiliate link, you'll be supporting the podcast at no extra cost to you. Thanks!


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How would you feel if you had no idea what country you'd be living in next month?

Welcome to Colin Wright's exile life.

In 2009 Colin ditched his possessions and hit the road, letting his blog readers vote on which country he would live in.

Since then he has been all over the world, spending 4 months at a time in various countries including New Zealand, Czech Republic, India, Iceland, Thailand, and points in between.

What is it like to make travel an experimental project?

Listen now and you'll learn:

What it's like to live in a new country every 4 months
When treating travel as a project might be a good idea
How to build a framework for your travels that match your personality
Why Colin thinks you're the 'dumbest person in the room when you travel'
How being imperfect can make your work better
What Colin did to keep his travels fresh
Why labels are "imperfect but useful"
Colin's tips for traveling the states and how to shape a life filled with travel
And so much more!

Resources From The Show
Colin's blog Exile Lifestyle

Colin's books
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Award winning photographer and film maker Ben Randall went on a mission to find and photograph 100 people he met 5 years earlier while traveling through Asia.

During his trip he discovered a horrible truth about two of his friends, and decided to do something about it.

Hear Ben's incredible tale and learn more about The Human Earth Project in this fascinating travel podcast interview.

Learn how one person CAN make a difference.

Next time, will that person be you?
Mentioned In This Show
Human Earth Project

Photo courtesy of Human Earth Project
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Please Note: At the beginning of this travel podcast I share part of my personal story. No worries if you aren't interested, just skip ahead to the interview with Bill which starts around the 15 minute mark.
"A seasonal job can be a really good opportunity to hit the reset button if you need to."
-Bill Berg Founder Cool Works
Finding fun seasonal work is one of the best ways to kickstart any adventure.

For many people one seasonal job turns into a way of life. Yes, a job washing dishes or pumping gas could change your life (seriously!). Bill graciously shares how it changed his, and some fantastic advice as well.

Give this travel podcast a listen and you'll learn:

How seasonal jobs can transform your life in many ways
Why pumping gas in Yellowstone National Park changed Bill's life forever
What you can do to stand out from other candidates
Why seasonal jobs can be a great option for anybody of any age
Which visas to look into if you want to work in the USA but are not a citizen
How seasonal work can support your travels
Tips on which jobs will help you save more money
And much more!...

Cool Works
Visa Information (J1, H2-B, and Q1) - Permission to work in the USA for international workers.

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Happy holidays and welcome to the 1st annual Norwegian Christmas spectacular here on the Zero To Travel Podcast!
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My wife Anne Dorthe and I recorded this episode in our cabin in Engerdal, located in rural Norway roughly 4.5 hours north of Oslo.

Anne Dorthe shares what the traditional Norwegian farm Christmas is like, and even sings a little tune for us at the end of the show.

Listen to this episode now and get ready to travel to Norway for a holiday with one horse open sleighs, cakes, cookies, little santa men and much more!

Thanks for listening to the Zero To Travel Podcast and Happy Holidays my friend!

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*Note: This episode was published in 2015 but the 7 strategies I share to help you achieve your travel dreams are timeless. They apply to anyone, anywhere, anytime of any year. (that's a lot of any's!) Moving on....
Do you have a trip or destination that keeps popping up in your travel dreams?
What traveler doesn't cruise into the new year with a wish list longer than a holiday airline delay?

What if this was the year you finally went and did it!

In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, I share 7 strategies that will help you to achieve your travel dreams in 2015.

Why should you wait any longer to take your dream journey?

I promise you, this isn't just a bunch of rah rah motivational crap.

This episode was designed to ensure you take an action towards your travel dreams today.

Give it a listen now and you'll see what I mean.

Please let me know your thoughts. Did you like the advice? Was it helpful? Did you take an action?

Did you buy a plane ticket after listening?!?!

Email me or hit me on the twitter @zerototravel and let me know.

In this Zero To Travel podcast you'll learn:

7 strategies you can utilize to achieve your travel dreams no matter what your situation
How to gain enough time and money to travel
One action you can take today to make your dream trip very real
When making your goals public will work in your favor
Why traveling with a purpose may be right for you
And so much more

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Check out the Zero To Travel Podcast archives or our new travel podcasts directory for a list of other quality shows.

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This week on the Zero To Travel Podcast, award winning travel journalist Jayme Moye shares everything you need to know about breaking into the travel writing industry, getting published and building a dream career.

Jayme Moye is an accomplished professional travel writer who has won multiple awards and written hundreds of articles for over 50 different publications, including National Geographic and Men’s Journal.

Jayme doesn't hold back in this interview. She spills every industry tip and secret you need to succeed. You'll learn exactly how to get started (even with no experience) and pitch articles like a pro. Give it a listen now and you'll learn:

Exactly how to get started as an unpublished writer with no experience
The first thing you should do if you want to be a professional writer
How Jayme went from office job to world traveling professional writer
What editors are looking for and how to sell your writing
How to pitch magazines with story ideas
The best way to get your name around in the travel writing world
Why your pitches are so important
Key industry terms to make you look like an experienced pro
Inside tips from Jayme on how to become a more creative writer
And so much more!

Listen to the travel podcast interview now by hitting play on the bar above. You can also Subscribe to the Zero To Travel Podcast on iTunes.

Here are a few key points covered in this interview:
Finding Your Place To Start
For just about everyone interested in becoming a travel writer, but especially for those who don’t hail from a writing background, the biggest question is always, “where do I start?”

So let’s begin with a simple and straightforward piece of advice.


Specifically, read whatever it is that you want to be published in. The better understanding you have of the publication you’re wishing to be a part of, the more likely you’ll be able to create something fitting and desirable.

It’s also a good idea to pay close attention to which section of the magazine you’re aiming for, as well as how the magazine is structured overall. Many magazines are structured similarly with regard to their recurring departments and feature articles, so as you start to recognize the structure of one, others will become easier to breakdown too.

Once you’ve got a destination for a pitch in mind, it’s time to consider the angle you’ll be pitching from. Is the story you’ve got in mind new or a novelty? Is it feature-worthy, or better suited to a specific section of the magazine? If it’s the latter, it’s important to gather information on who the editor is for that specific section. In fact, having a specific editor to contact is always a vital part of the pitching process.
Making An Effective Pitch
Jayme abides by this rule - always pitch before you write.


Because the editor you’re writing for will be critical in determining the direction your story takes.

The editor knows better than any other person what the audience of the magazine likes and what aspects of the story will need to be up or downplayed, which is exactly why their input is so critical before you put pen to page.

But how do you make an effective pitch?

Format is everything, and in fact a universally accepted format does exist that will propel you 98% ahead of the crowd if you use it. This ideal format consists of:

✓ Including the word “pitch” in the subject line, directly followed by the story subject (for example “Pitch: The Science Behind Polar Migrations.”)
✓ Using an informal greeting, and one that includes the first name of the editor.
✓ An opening sentence that begins something like, “For your consideration…,” and a reference to the specific section you’re interested in.
✓ A strong opening paragraph on the subject of your pitch, a “hook,

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What is it like to hop in a Land Rover and drive from Europe to India?

On a recent trip to Nepal, I was slowly wandering back on a lakeside trail from a hike near the town of Pokhara when I ran into Niels and Anna, a lovely German couple.

The first thing I noticed, even before their charming smiles, was "The Dude."

Who is the dude?

This badass car is the dude!

The friendly couple were partway through an epic Land Rover overland adventure, peeling out of their home town in Germany just a few months ago and slowly making their way to India.

Immediately, the questions came pouring into my head:

What is it like to drive through the middle east?

How long does it take to plan a trip like this?

What is life like on the road?

Later in the evening we sat down for a pizza and I unloaded my brain full of questions in a very fun podcast interview. Give it a listen now by hitting play on the bar above.

You'll learn:

How a Land Rover overland trip differs from a typical backpacking experience
How long it takes to plan an epic trip like this
Where to find your vehicle
Simple measures you can take to stay safe on the road
Heartwarming stories about the kindness of strangers in Iran and throughout the overland trail
What border crossings are like
And much more!

Are you ready to travel overland?
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Independent Travel Gold Overland Podcast

Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum
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Rob Greenfield is an amazing purposeful adventurer, environmental activist and master moneyless traveler.

Keep your backpack nearby, after hearing Rob in this thoughtful travel podcast interview you might just dash out the front door and have your own "adventure in simple living."

Rob shares:

How simple living makes moneyless travel possible
Why America wastes so much food and how you can help
The reason why traveling with a purpose makes free travel easier
How to travel for free without mooching
Rob's scariest moment on his moneyless journey through Central America
How to trade services for free travel
And so much more!

Resources From This Show
How To Travel America For Free (without mooching)


Photo from Rob's Website

My 1st interview with Rob

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Have you ever had a tough time getting things done while you are traveling?

Whether you are a location independent business owner or just budget traveling the world, we all have to clamp down and get certain things done at some point.

Productivity expert Mike Vardy gives us key tips and tactics so you can spend more time out in the world and less time in front of your computer screen.

In this Zero To Travel Podcast you'll learn:

How the boundaries that travel creates can actually help you instead of hurt you
The best way to manage your email
Where to store photos for safekeeping when you're on the go
What email was really intended for
Why you are smarter at the end of your day
How journaling can help you feel better about your productivity
And much more!

Resources From This Show

Workflowing - Mike's Podcast

Why The Approach Is More Important Than The Application

Away Find

Schedule Once

I own the Five Minute Journal and absolutely love it.
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