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If you want the skills to bike anywhere in the world let this episode be your adventure cycle touring guide.
Ethan and Dan break down adventure cycling essentials for newbies. It's loaded with insights, practical tips and gear recommendations that you can only learn by putting rubber to cement. (Listen to other Zero To Travel podcasts here or subscribe on iTunes) Just click on the play button under the photo at the top of this post. Bookmark this page for reference if it helps. After listening you'll be completely prepared and fired up to hit the road.
In this episode , and you'll learn:

How much gear costs and what you can expect to spend on a cycle tour
What types of bikes to consider and how to get going on the cheap (without sacrificing comfort)
The pros and cons of trailers and panniers
How the weight and location of your load affects your ride and what to consider
Why google docs is the perfect tool for planning group adventures (hint: this is the perfect solution for any trip!)
What you need to protect your body
The one creature comfort you simply can't live without on a cycling tour
Options for traveling with your bike
How to do it on the cheap
And oh so much more!

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Adventure Cycling Association

Warm Showers - A community for touring cyclists and hosts

Bike Flights - Shipping solutions for your bike

Cloud Coach - 'Tiny Services' for Entrepreneurs

Ethan's Tiny House Facebook Page

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One man, every country, no flights...when it comes to Independent Travel Graham Hughes has done it all.
He holds the Guinness World Record for being the only man on earth to accomplish this feat of travel strength. Not only that, he did it on a shoestring budget. It took him 4 wild years, and I guarantee you'll be surprised to hear what he has to say about his epic adventure.

(To hear the interview click play on the bar under the main picture above) or...
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In this episode Graham shares not only tales from his adventures, but priceless advice that can help any independent traveler navigate the world safely and on a small budget. If you are the type of person that likes to improve your travel skills, you won't want to pass this up.

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Listening to this interview is like plugging into the Matrix and downloading some of the most valuable independent travel tips you've ever heard. Graham shares so many crazy stories then about 25 minutes in we get into the actionable advice and tips. It's pure travel gold.
In this episode you'll learn:

How creating a story can be the single most important ingredient to accomplishing any travel goals.
Techniques Graham used to travel the world on a shoestring budget of just $100/week
Strategies you can utilize to avoid paying bribes worldwide
What he carried in his 'secret pouch' and how this single tip can keep you safe out on the road.
How to add another layer of safety while traveling, this is huge!
Where to keep expensive electronics on the road and how to hide your personal possessions in plain site
Graham's two mobile phone technique that got him out of prison in Congo (Hint: This one idea could easily save your ass in a sticky situation)
One simple trick to save on a nights accommodation, just this one tip is worth the time investment to listen.
Graham's high and low points
And so much more...

Resources From the Show
The Odyssey Expedition - Highly Recommended! This is where Graham recorded all of his adventures during his around the world journey.

Graham's personal website

Water Aid Charity - Help by Donating to Graham's Campaign

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If you would love to travel the world and stay everywhere for free, then this episode on international house sitting is for you!
Nat and Jodi from have traveled all over the world and lived for free in places like Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, France and America.

In this podcast they share the inside secrets you need to launch or level up your house sitting career.

You'll learn insanely useful stuff that only comes from experience.

Hit the play bar now and discover:

How anybody can get into house sitting regardless of experience or age
Why setting a strong intention is so important
One idea that can get you started right away, and why this is more important than the how's
Why you may have already been a house sitter and how that can help you land your first house sitting gig
When house sitting is like getting a job
The key platform you need to know to travel and house sit
Best practices for writing your profile on house sitting websites that will land you the best spots
How to create an email subject header that will help you grab your dream house sit
Nad and Jodi's recommended perfect amount of time to commit to a house sit
The single most important part of choosing a house sitting job
Why house sitting makes you a local
And so much more...

Resources from the show
Nat and Jodi's website International House Sitting

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Can solo travel or any type of extended journey be a path to deep personal healing?
What you'll hear in the podcast may surprise you.

Singaporean filmmaker Malika went on a solo travel journey through Europe and South America for 3 years, ending up deep in the Peruvian jungle with Shamans and an experience with a controversial alternative medicine.

After leaving the jungle she'd never be the same.

After hearing this interview you may not be either. There are great insights here that any traveler can take away.
Support Malika's film on indiegogo before April 1st 2014!
In this episode you'll learn how Malika's journey lead to her healing. You'll also discover:

How slowly pushing past your comfort zone can be a great path to bigger adventures
Malika's childhood secret which lead her on this solo travel journey
Why travel may be the greatest education you can get
What it's like to go through a spiritual ritual in the Peruvian jungle
How Malika's trip lead to the discovery of her purpose and how it can do the same for anybody
Why being open leads to a more organic travel experience
And much more...

It's a powerful interview. I hope you enjoy it.

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Notes from the show
Arkayana: A Healing Journey Into the Amazon on indiegogo

Malika on Facebook and her website La Loca Colectiva

What is Ayahuasca

The Busking Project

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Wandering Earl has been traveling for 5000+ days straight!
Earl's travel experience is vast, yet he seems to treat each experience as if it's his first day on the road.

In this show Earl shares how to work on a cruise ship....but this podcast has oh so much more.

One short story from this show involves Earl's run in with the Taliban while traveling through Pakistan.

You won't want to miss this.

There are some golden nugget in this interview so give it a listen. Hit the play button under the photo above now, sit back, relax and soak in this show.
In this episode you'll learn:

The one thing that would have made Earl quit traveling a long time ago
How Earl has been able to afford traveling for over a decade
How Earl wiggled his way out of a sticky situation with the Taliban (stay tuned until the end for this story!)
Why a traveler's attitude dictates their interactions and the importance of staying open
What got Earl wandering years ago and how he hustled to stay on the road in the beginning
Why getting out on the road is better than researching online and the reason it creates countless work opportunities
If cruise ship jobs are right for you
How to work on a cruise ship
Where to apply for cruise ship jobs without spending money
The #1 thing to avoid when applying for cruise ship jobs
The most important thing cruise ships want to know and how it's different than applying for a 'regular job' on land
What cruise ship jobs pay
Why studying before your interview can be the best thing you can to do land the job
The upside of living in Bucharest, Earl's current temporary home
And so much more...

You can also subscribe to this show in iTunes

Earl nailed this and provide so much great info, give him some love by tweeting this

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Resources from this show
Wandering Earl

Work on a Cruise Ship (Earl's book)

Wandering Earl Tours

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Want to learn how to hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) with no camping, hiking or wilderness experience?
Jeff Chow mapped the entire Appalachian Trail for Backpacker magazine. Before he hiked 2000+ miles he had virtually no wilderness camping experience.

If you are ready to feel the freedom of the trail and learn how a long distance hike on the AT can change your life you'll want to hit play on the bar (below the top picture) and give this exciting episode a listen.

Jeff's story will empower any aspiring distance or thru hiker to conquer their fears and live out their dreams of hiking the AT no matter how little time you've spent sleeping under the stars.

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In this engaging podcast you'll learn:

How a simple contest scored Jeff a dream job, hiking the AT and getting paid to map it
Why starting any club or group is an incredible way to start living your dreams, and why limited experience shouldn't stop you
The strategy for hiking the AT safely
How the simplicity of life on the trail can change you
Why the Appalachian Trail is safer and easier than other distance trails
What the community is like on a long distance hike
The social side of the trail and what it is like to travel on foot in rural America
A first hand account of trail life
And so much more...

Resources from this show include:
Jeff Chow online

Backpacker Magazine's Appalachian Trail Resource Area - A comprehensive resource for the AT

*All Photos Courtesy of Jeff Chow


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Warning: This episode may transform what you think is possible.
Micheal Wigge started with a partially eaten apple, traded one thing for another while traveling through 14 countries and ended up with a house in Hawaii!

No joke.

He bartered his way to paradise and in this interview shares not only his story, but insider secrets on how you can trade for anything anywhere in the world.

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His book How To Barter For Paradise tells the whole story. In the past Michael also traveled the world the zero money.
In this episode you'll discover:

Bartering tactics that work anywhere in the world
How you can trade anything to travel for free
Why Michael went sledding in India
How sharing your story can get you things help you would never imagine possible
What I traded for Michael on the spot
Michael's most difficult trade
When bartering should be considered
And so much more...

Here's what Michael traded me during this episode


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If you want to travel with intention and learn to know the places you visit on a deeper level, give this show a listen.
Chris Yager, founder of Where There Be Dragons has helped thousands of students over 20+ years by providing experiential education programs in developing countries.

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In this show Chris shares his one of a kind perspective on a variety of topics that will get you thinking, and may even change some of the ways you travel.  You'll hear:

How travel can act as a tool for self exploration
What the torvex is and why to avoid it
The right question to ask to seek out the secrets of any town, city or neighborhood
Where to go to get immersed in the local scene
How getting lost in a safe container can be an important strategy
Why local guides are such a great on the ground resource
Chris' technique for meeting locals and getting invited over for dinner with strangers
The importance of choosing the right perspective when things go sour
How taking time off to travel can change your life
And so much more!

* photo courtesy of thomaswanhoff 


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Getting farm work in Australia and New Zealand can be as easy as just showing up.

While traveling through Vietnam I crossed paths with a fantastic Irish couple, Becky and David.

In this episode you'll hear their on the ground experience and learn how they've been traveling for 3 years, earning money on farms and spending that money on backpacking trips through Southeast Asia, one of the most affordable pockets of the world for travelers.

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If you're looking for a way to kickstart your travels in this area of the world, give this episode a listen. You may discover this is your ticket to traveling paradise.

To listen to this episode simply hit play on the bar below the photo at the top of this post.
In this show you'll learn:

Which visa you'll need to work on farms, and how to do it without a visa
The 2 best resources for farm work online
What to say to snag a good job
Why working on a farm is a great way to make friends with fellow travelers
How much you can earn in salary on a farm
Why farm work is a great way to save money
And much more....

Harvest Trail


Working Holiday Visa New Zealand

Working Holiday Visa Australia

*photo courtesy of Jeff P , check out his work on Flickr.

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Have you ever thought about walking across america or taking off on another type of epic adventure?
Whether you are planning an extended walk, hike, bike, backpacking trip, or a longer unique journey anywhere in the world, this show will give you the tools and inspiration you need to get started and succeed in your next travel quest.

To hear this or any podcast subscribe in iTunes or simply click play on the bar above (just under the picture) to hear this episode now.

In this podcast episode Nate Damm shares his story about his 7+ month long walk across the USA, and in the process reveals many hard earned secrets that will help you to not only plan, but also follow through with any big journey you want to take.

Stick around until the end (around 35 minutes and 45 seconds) and Nate will share 2 key pieces of advice that will surely help you push through and commit to any upcoming trip.

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In this episode you'll learn:

How Nate left behind his 'regular' life (9-5 job, bills, apartment, etc) to go on the walk and ideas for making any long trip affordable.
Why becoming a minimalist before your travel can help you transition to a life on the road.
What 3 years of wandering travel does to relationships with friends and family, the good and the bad and how travel can actually strengthen important ones.
Top tips for sleeping anywhere outside in both rural and urban areas and which houses to avoid.
Techniques for breaking down any long quest and making it doable.
Nate's lowest point on the walk and how he pushed through.
How social media can help you on any journey.
And so much more...

Want to discover new ways you can explore the planet no matter what your situation?

Join the ZTT community for insider tips (just go to the home page and enter your info) and you can also subscribe to the Zero To Travel podcast on iTunes.

Show links

How  To Walk Across America Guide by Nate Damm kindly provided for free by Nate.

Nate's website and facebook page

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