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Can you still have a deep experience in Tibet?

Why should you visit Tibet now?

Today you'll go an adventure through Tibet with expert guide book author Robert Kelly.

Robert has co-authored 2 editions of Lonely Planet’s Tibet guide (including the most recent), and he is also the creator of a new podcast called Travel Tape.  You are going to hear some of the sounds of Tibet and also going to learn tons about this destination. Plus, you'll hear about:

  • What it's like to be a guide book author
  • Long term travel
  • And lots more!

Up and Coming Destinations: Tibet With Robert Kelly



Tune Your Senses To Learn:

  • How to experience reverse time travel
  • The long history of Tibet
  • Top tips for visiting Tibet the right way (as a foreigner or independent traveler)
  • Where you can find the richest culture in Tibet
  • Best times to visit Tibet
  • Ways to get the best trekking and hiking experiences in Tibet
  • How to get your senses awakened in a Tibetan monastery
  • Best advice for aspiring travel writers


Up and Coming Destinations: Tibet With Robert Kelly

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