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What is your favorite combination travel platter?

In today's episode, you're going to hear about the combination travel platter and learn all about music festivals and travel.  You'll learn all about the music, the culture, and the adventure!

And who better to learn from than my friends, Jason and Kelly, founders of Festy Go Nuts (your ultimate music festival resource).



Listen Now To Learn:

  • One of the best excuses to travel and take a road trip
  • How to find the best festival for you
  • The best places to find info about festivals
  • What to expect at music festivals
  • How to get a truly intimate experience at a music festival
  • How to be prepared for the best possible festival experience
  • The life saver of all travelers in every situation
  • The costs associated with music festivals (and how to get the best pricing)
  • How to get free tickets to a music festival
  • How to create bonds for life
  • And so much more!


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