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My guest in this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast takes the digital nomad lifestyle to the extreme.

Adventurer, Digital Nomad & Entrepreneur Fabian Dittrich is the founder and CEO of Helpando and creator and leader of StartUp Diaries.

Fab worked and traveled through South America as a Digital Nomad in his mobile 'office', a Land Rover Defender called La Oficina.

Today he shares his experience running a business while traveling overland and teaches you the secrets to finding your work/travel/life balance.

Is it worth it to run a business while you travel? Can you manage a whole company on the road in South America?  And create a documentary along the way with little experience, giving insight to people who redefine work?  Listen to the show now to find out how it can be done!

You'll Learn:

Logistics of running a business from a Land Rover Defender (in South America)
How much a business interferes with the travel experience
How to manage clients across different time zones
How to balance adventure and work
Benefits of a Digital Nomad Lifestyle (think Freedom and Empathy)
How to design your life and take a different path
Conquering the fears of potential issues on the road
About many South American locals doing creative things (and redefining work)
Rewards of Business, Travel, Documentary experience
Valuable resources and suggestions about technology (to create ease and efficiency)

Resources Mentioned:

StartUp Diaries
The Four Hour Work Week
Art of Designing Your Own Path
Base Camp
Alfred App
Fabian Dittrich

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