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In today's episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, we dive deep on the topic of learning through travel, Gap Year, career breaks, and beyond.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jennifer Miller, head editor at BootsnAll, project developer for the Travel Access Project, and the co-author of Bottles to Backpacks: The Gypsy Mama's guide to REAL Travel With Kids.

The dominate theme was travel as a form of education (at any age), and the value of learning through roaming.

Is this the best way to learn? Should everyone travel for some period of time if it's within their means? We dig into some tough questions and cover much more. Give this show a listen now!

You’ll Learn:

Why you should take a Gap Year (and how a year of travel can help you learn and grow)
How the world is the perfect classroom
Why it is important to explore different cultures
Benefits of traveling abroad for children
BootsnAll's mission to change the education system (and mandate 1 year abroad for high school or college students)
About the philanthropic arm of BootsnAll (The Travel Access Project)
How The Travel Access Project will help students find clarity and direction (and how travel mentors abroad will guide them toward their true passions)
What a career break can do for you
How to get creative when things don’t go as planned (look deep within to explore your best path)
Advice to arrange travel with your spouse or partner
Top tips for traveling with children/family (and how not to go crazy)
Creating a Travel Portfolio (to produce future opportunities)

Resources Mentioned
Travel Access Project
Jenn's Email

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