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In today's episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, we’re discussing a somewhat unknown little gem: The Repositioning Cruise! A one-way cruise that doesn’t return to the port of call. We’re also briefly discussing the Schengen Agreement.

For this episode, I sit down with Bobby from Bobby and his wife Abby are adventurers looking to expand their world. Bobby gives tips and insights on the Repositioning Cruise experience; it was their transportation to Europe for their 6 month bike tour!

You’ll Learn:

How long you can stay in Europe
Rules of the Schengen Agreement and how to bend them
How to work in exchange for a free place to stay
What is a Repositioning Cruise
Pros and Cons of the Repositioning Cruise (And Why You Should Consider Doing One)
Where to find information on Repositioning Cruises
Who to talk to about Repositioning Cruises
Typical pricing for Repositioning Cruises
How to get the lowest pricing on Repositioning Cruises
Additional Benefits of the Repositioning Cruise
Port of Entry Guidelines
Further Clarification of the Schengen Agreement
Managing Service Fees on the Repositioning Cruise
And much more!

Resources Mentioned

Bobby and Abby
Work Away
Cruise Compete
Location Indie
Nomadic Matt's How To Stay In Europe For More Than 90 Days

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