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Today you'll get a glimpse inside Myanmar with Dustin Main.

Dustin is a talented photographer, location independent entrepreneur, and helps travelers with technology through his website Too Many Adapters. Plus he has become a go to expert on travel in Myanmar and today he shares why Myanmar should be on your travel radar.

Dustin Main has traveled to Myanmar more than a dozen times, spending more than a year in the country and has documented the changing stories of the Myanmar people through This Myanmar Life.

myanmar dustin main

Listen Now To Learn:

  • What is the draw to Myanmar
  • What creates a sense of urgency to visit Myanmar
  • Ways to have beautiful experiences with locals
  • A simple tip to be a rockstar in Myanmar
  • Where the magic really happens in Myanmar (and how to let it come to you)
  • How to use reverse engineering to travel hack Myanmar
  • Why to follow the lunar calendar when traveling to Myanmar
  • Where to find one of the most favorite places to photograph (in the world!)
  • The best things and places to eat in Myanmar
  • And Much more!


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Photos courtesy of Dustin Main

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