Zero To Travel Podcast

Are you ready for some Ladan travel wisdom?

My guest today is a multi-passionate wanderer, polyglot, and host of the Travel Wisdom Podcast.  He brings his experience from travel in over 100 countries.....

Please welcome Ladan Jiracek to the show!

Today you'll hear a mix of topics including:

  • How to go to college in Europe for 50x less than it costs to go in the states
  • The advantages and disadvantages of solo travel
  • The definition of wisdom and how that relates to travel
  • Tips on meeting locals when you travel
  • 3 best pieces of advice for someone who wants to visit 100 or more countries
  • Benefits of learning a language for travelers

Tune In To Learn:

  • One of the most underrated skills for traveling
  • How to create a whole new identity and way of thinking
  • Ways to go deeper into a country
  • How to use travel as a vehicle for learning
  • Why everyone should travel
  • How to take the power back (in life and travel)
  • And so much more


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