Zero To Travel Podcast

What is one way to add more travel into your life?

Tune in to find out!

Today you are going to get the goods on travel jobs.  And you'll get to learn about those super cool seasonal jobs like a whitewater rafting guide!

Plus, how do you deal with a difficult decision to leave a career for travel?

My guest today shares her story and experience in doing just that. She's an experienced river raft guide, freelance journalist, and an outdoor adventure seeker. She'll tell you how to become a river rafting guide, plus how to get the best whitewater rafting jobs in the world.

Please welcome Juniper Rose to the show.  You can learn about her and her adventures here.

Listen Now To Learn:

  • The hardest part of actually leaving a job
  • What gives you the ability to leave a job
  • How to transition to life on the road
  • Great tips for making money while traveling
  • The changes that have to take place to get out and travel more
  • How to become a rock star of the river
  • What it really takes to be a whitewater rafting guide
  • How to stand out (in the competitive whitewater rafting guide industry)
  • The best part of the mysterious river raft guide world
  • What it means to win in travel and in life
  • Plus so much more!


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