Zero To Travel Podcast

Do you think you can travel for healing?

Have you ever used travel as a healing tool?

Today we are kicking off a new theme month as you'll hear all about wandering on wheels. The next 4 episodes coming up are dedicated to:

  • 4 wheel wandering.
  • Traveling in RV’s or Vans.
  • The #Vanlife world and what it's like to live that lifestyle.
  • Sleeping in your vehicle and traveling around on wheels.

My guest today has been living the #vanlife for 8 months now....but is life on the road all it’s cracked up to be?

Today you'll hear what the #vanlife is all about, learn what it's like to be a nomadic van dweller, and so much more!

Please welcome Jeff Chow to the show.

Tune In To Learn:

  • How to live the vanlife (and heal).
  • Why you need to realize challenging moments are temporary.
  • How you can have a mini-rebirth every time you interact with a new person.
  • The beauty of travel.
  • Strategies to get rid of all your stuff.
  • Advice around selecting your 4 wheel vehicle.
  • The best part of the vanlife experience.


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