Zero To Travel Podcast

What is the most unusual place you’ve slept while traveling?

And what is one style of accommodations that you'll have to add to your bucket list?

Tune in now to find out!

Plus, you'll learn what it's like to transition to a life on the road. Zero To Travel community members Paula and Perry recently quit their successful corporate jobs for long term travel with a longer term goal of creating a new location independent lifestyle!

You'll hear their journey before the journey, get valuable tips and advice, and maybe some of their stories will inspire you to make it happen for yourself.

Many thanks to Fred at Tortuga Backpacks for supporting today's show. Need a great gift for yourself or another travel lover? Listeners of this show will get a special offer on the Tortuga Outbreaker backpack!

Listen Now To Learn:

  • How to create a "lifestyle overhaul"
  • How learning to live with less can transform your life
  • Why transitioning to long term travel can be a challenge
  • What you have to sacrifice for long term travel
  • How long you many need to learn how to live life on the road
  • How to plan for long term travel
  • What things can set you up for success on the road
  • Practical ways to downsize (detachment is key)
  • Why you may need less money than you first thought
  • How to build your relationship (while preparing and traveling)
  • What to pack for a long term trip
  • And much more!


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