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What is the hardest part of long term travel?

You'll hear my thoughts on this and you'll hear what it's like to transition from a steady job to a life of travel.

Melinda DiOrio stops by to give us her insights on how she left her Corporate job to travel, learn yoga, and see the world. She is a travel photographer and certified yoga teacher committed to a life of exploration!

Check out her travel photography and yoga journey at Melinda DiOrio.

Melinda DiOrio

Listen Now To Learn:

  • How to go on a liberating journey
  • Ways to re-frame your lifestyle
  • How long it can really take to make the leap to travel
  • One thing that can help force change
  • Tips to get comfortable on facing the unknown
  • A strategy to overcome your fears
  • How to take advantage of abundance
  • How to design your own situation (your life!)
  • What truly makes you better at any craft
  • How to overcome challenges of a new phase of life
  • And much more!


Melinda DiOrio

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Photos courtesy of Melinda DiOrio

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