Zero To Travel Podcast

What one thing can help you travel more and lead to a whole new travel adventure?

How does travel change you?

Tune in to hear Joe Ferrara's transition to travel story. He left his job and totally changed his life around to take a bike trip around the USA.  Check out his work at Tri For Travel.

Transition to travel can be difficult, scary, and even intimidating - making that leap is a HUGE decision. Tune in to hear Joe's story to gain a new perspective and learn what you can do (better) during your own transition.

You'll hear what it was like before Joe left and then we reconnect 6 months later. This may be your chance to time travel. What advice would you give your future self?

Check out these before and after photos of Joe. It is amazing what can happen in 6 months!

You'll Learn:

  • How you can redefine home
  • Ways to overcome your fear of leaving a steady paycheck
  • What you can do to create a travel based lifestyle
  • How to embrace your adventure and enjoy it
  • How weird things can make fun stories (think Bigfoot)
  • Biggest challenges when bike trippin' around the USA
  • The best way to connect with strangers
  • How your perceptions can change when you are on the road
  • What does a lot of good for your self
  • And so much more


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