Zero To Travel Podcast

How do you use big picture thinking to accomplish all of your travel goals....and life goals for that matter?

Does the idea of long term travel or the nomadic lifestyle match up with the reality of it?

Today you are going to get an audio snapshot of one couple's transition to travel journey. Learn about the process of leaving a job and/or totally changing your life around to accommodate more travel. Making that leap is a huge decision and it's important for you to hear real stories to gain new perspectives.

Come along with Sofia and Teague as they share what it was like right before they were leaving; after they quit their jobs and all the stuff they did to transition to that long-term travel lifestyle. And then they come back over a year later after traveling the share how they changed as individuals, as a couple, and how they transformed.

Think time travel; it will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Plus, you'll get some tips around budgeting, packing, and so much more.

Listen Now To Learn:

  • One of the biggest struggles when leaving your job
  • Highly recommended action that feels so good (even if you are not traveling)
  • A good way to integrate into the local economy
  • How to truly appreciate how other people live
  • Super important part of planning travel
  • How to adjust to living out of a backpack
  • One sign of a good trip
  • When you know you are no longer in vacation mode
  • One of the healthiest things you can get out of travel
  • Major realizations after long term travel
  • What affirms the basic decency of human beings
  • The ultimate relationship crucible
  • One of the most valuable things about travel


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