Zero To Travel Podcast

Can you have unexpected travel success?

What is your number one travel fantasy?

Tune in today to find out!

Plus, you'll hear a story of transition back to travel as my friend Jean Sibley stops by....

Check out her website, Stop Work Travel, which is all about taking a true break from work – whether for a month, a year, or a lifetime. Putting aside all thoughts of default living and being present to fully enjoy the journey before you.

She also does travel coaching at Freedom Past 50 to help people over 50 get the same freedom to roam that she has (stay until the end to hear about a bonus for Zero to Travel listeners).

You'll Learn:

  • Why hidden doors will open when you travel (and why you have to go through them)
  • What you need to build a life of location independence and sustain it
  • How to live comfortably in Bulgaria
  • Ways to free up stuck energy
  • How to actually change your brain when learning
  • Transition to Travel tips
  • How to further strengthen your commitment to travel
  • Where to meet people from all over that get you (and will cheer you on)
  • One great way to supplement (or replace) your income
  • How to discover your true power
  • Ways to generate revenue in a place you are just traveling through
  • Technique to make you feel more connected (to self and other travelers)
  • And so much more


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