Zero To Travel Podcast

Ready for more of the World's cheapest destinations?

Get excited as we welcome back award winning travel writer Tim Leffel from Cheapest Destinations Blog for part two of the World’s cheapest destinations 2018.

If you listened to part one, you surely had to re-think your bucket list. Or maybe you added a new place to visit in Central America, Mexico, or Europe.

Get pumped up to knock off the rest of the World's cheapest destinations Asia and beyond!

Tune In To Learn:

  • Where you can easily get a visa and go on beautiful hikes (and it's really inexpensive)
  • The best place to go that has smiling happy people (that speak English)
  • How to beat the crowds and explore multiple islands
  • Where you can buy your way into residency (and get some of the best food)
  • How to deposit your way into a retirement visa (over 50) in Thailand
  • Best place to collaborate with expats (the digital nomad capital)
  • Expert tip to get the cheapest accommodations in Asia
  • Where to find cheap living expenses, friendly people, and amazing beauty
  • The place where you can actually get a 10 year multiple entry visa
  • Where it is easy to get a Visa to stay and work (plus cheap food and booze)
  • Amazing food and drink spots around the world (do you like coffee or beer?)
  • And so much more!


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