Zero To Travel Podcast

What one realization can lead to a life of travel?

Have you traveled just to go to a music festival?

You are in for a fun show today with our resident experts on all things music festival and travel related, and my good friends, Jason and Kelly Law from Festy Go Nuts.

These two experts (they are the real deal) have gone to TONS of music festivals and will provide advice on music festivals, staying at music festivals, and all the fun stuff that goes on.

You'll get 11 tips to help you out if you plan on attending any music festivals (which you most likely will after listening). Let’s go nuts and jump right in!

You'll Learn:

  • How to have a much better time at a music festival
  • Why you'll be so much happier doing this one thing
  • How to keep the fun going when the music ends
  • A good way to meet new friends
  • What can be a good conversation starter
  • How to create something like a fun Halloween night
  • Why flair is a good thing
  • The best way to let your guard down
  • How to embrace the unique experience happening to you
  • Why having no plan is a good idea
  • How to have your ultimate moment


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