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Is travel something worth fighting for?

Maybe you should ask Tom Turcich! He spent many years saving, planning, and preparing; always keeping his
dream alive.

Tom Turcich has been walking from NJ to Ecuador the past 15 months and over the next 4 years plans on walking on every continent. You can follow his adventure at The World Walk.

Tune in today to hear his story and learn why he’s doing it, how he affords it, and what it’s like to slow travel by foot, plus so much more!


And You'll Learn:

  • Why travel is truly important
  • Why you need to seize the day
  • How to forget the rules
  • How to simplify long term travel
  • How to deal with gradual shifts of climate and culture
  • Ways to deal with strangers and strange encounters
  • How much it costs to per day to walk around the world
  • The best source of motivation


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Photo's courtesy of Tom Turcich:
World Walk Photos

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