Zero To Travel Podcast

Is travel the perfect way to embark on a spiritual journeyor quest?

How can travel expand your creativity?

Please welcome Karan Bajaj to the Zero To Travel Podcast. He's a#1 best-selling Indian novelist with more than 200,000 copies ofhis novels in print. He took a year off from his corporate job inNY to backpack from Europe to India- to learn yoga and meditationin the Himalayas.

Check out his new book, The Yoga ofMax’s Discontent and learn more about Karan Bajaj here.

Today You'll Learn:

  • The deep story behind The Yoga of Max’s discontent
  • How travel can help you become more creative
  • How travel can blend with spirituality
  • How to define a Yogi
  • How to be like a tree (and not 'become' all the time)
  • The meaning of 414
  • How to crack entertainment and meaning in your story
  • The way to multiply your adventures
  • How to feel truly connected to the world while traveling(without social media)
  • The Yogis 4-2-1 rule
  • The right way to approach meditation
  • How to take a year long sabbatical from work
  • And much more!


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