Zero To Travel Podcast

Could you handle being a flight attendant?

What makes a good flight attendant and what can you do as a passenger to make life easier on them?

Betty In The Sky stops by today to share flight attendant stories, advice on traveling, and so much more! She's a veteran flight attendant with over 20 years in the air.  Check out her podcast- Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase! for candid stories, an insiders view of life in the air, and all the behind the scenes stuff.

Fly Here To Learn:

  • How to get a golden ticket to see the world
  • How metal tongs helped save a tricky situation
  • The most ridiculous thing ever witnessed on a plane
  • How to improve the collective consciousness on the plane
  • The most important life lesson learned (as a flight attendant)
  • Funny celebrity stories
  • Advice for layovers (bring your bathing suit to Singapore!)
  • 3 very simple tips to keep flight attendants happy
  • The best asset to help you stand out (when trying to become a flight attendant)
  • What you should talk about during your flight attendant interview
  • Super easy travel hack


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