Zero To Travel Podcast

How does resistance play into your ability to fill your life with travel?

You'll hear about this type of resistance, plus:

  • Travel blogging and what it's like to run that business from the road
  • How to handle getting burned out on long term travel
  • The process around figuring out if you should stop traveling and maybe settle down for a bit

Do you like unforgettable food experiences?  My guests today have been traveling full time since 2008 and run Food Fun Travel.  You'll hear some tips on finding those extra special culinary delights on the road, learn how to make a living as a travel blogger, and get advice on how to pick an international home base.

Please welcome Tommo and Megsy to show!
The Reality Of Full Time Travel Blogging with Tommo and Megsy

Tune In To Learn:

  • How gap years can help you live differently
  • Ways to compromise with the travel lifestyle
  • Biggest revelation for a long term traveler
  • Most important skills to develop for a travel blogger
  • Biggest mistake most newbie travel bloggers make
  • How to find the best places to eat (wherever you go)
  • The ultimate travel meal
  • And so much more!


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*photos courtesy of Food Fun Travel

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