Zero To Travel Podcast

What is something you can do to open up more travel and more adventure in your life?

You'll hear all about this today as well as the 3 biggest tips to succeed at creating a location independent business.

And who better to learn from than my friend Matt Giovanisci! He is a relentlessly creative Location Independent Entrepreneur, runs many online businesses, and he'll show you real-time experiments in making money online. Head over to Money Lab to check out his experiments and learn how you can start or grow your own LI business. It's a no hype, totally transparent, one of a kind experience that you are going to love!

Tune in to Learn:

  • The definition of a true friend
  • How to go after your Vision Quest
  • How to take your first step to relocate
  • A great way to learn about a new place
  • The difference between livers (not your organ) and growers
  • One way to help you change as a person
  • Why listening to Gloria Estefan will help you
  • How many years it will take for your online business to be successful
  • The reason most businesses fail
  • Why getting too much education can hurt you
  • How to create a new source of energy to keep your business going
  • And much more!


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